*Seminar on "Occupational Safety and Health in Laboratories"           *«Effect of iron oxides, aluminum and nano-silicone on the resistance of ordinary Portland cement for fire»           *Prof. Arafa Sabry, Dean of the Faculty, participates in the inauguration ceremony of Fayoum University Graduates Association      *Reception of new students      *Meeting of the Basic Science and Planning Sector Committee     


    Meeting Dean with administrators  

   Dr.Arafah Sabry Juma, Dean of the College, held a meeting with the heads of administrative departments and administrative and workers' committees on Tuesday 23/5/2017 at the celebration hall in the college in the presence of Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdel-Aleem Al-Awny, Acting Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development. Professor Zarif Abu Talib Director of the College. This was opened by Prof. Sabri informed him of the meeting and welcomed everyone and congratulated him on the coming of the holy month of Ramadan. He called on God to restore it to our beloved Egypt and the Islamic nation with good, Yemen and blessings. His Excellency also preferred clarifying some mechanisms of work and discussing all problems and working to find quick solutions to them. The administrative work of the faculty and the creation of a spirit of affection and brotherhood among all. He said. Saleh Al-Awni in his speech on the need to adhere to all things within the college and to be permanent cooperation in all work and facilitate and facilitate the tasks assigned to them. This has been explained a. Zarif Abu Taleb that the College will not hesitate to resolve all obstacles facing the faculty and find the most appropriate solutions to work to raise the efficiency of administrative work faculty.

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