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    Community Affairs and Environmental Development Committee for Yuenu  

   On Sunday, 11/6/2017, at 12.00 pm, the Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development chaired by Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdel-Alim Mohamed Al-Awni, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Community Service and Environmental Development and the membership of The following are the names: 1- Dr. Abeer Malak. 2- Dr. Heba Mohammed Rabie. 3- Dr. Hanan Abdullah Saeed. A / Nashwa Mohammed Mustafa. ** I was apologized for the attendance: Dr. / Buthaina Mohammed Hassan. ** The Committee was attended by the following members at the invitation of the Chairman of the Committee: 1- Dr. Mohamed Waseem. (Director of Services and Consultancy Unit) 2 / Dr. Shaimaa Mohammed Al-Sufi. (Administrative Member of the Public Service Center) Mr. Saleh Abdul Alim Mohammed Al-Awni (Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim) welcomed and congratulated the members and congratulated them by the month of Ramadan. May Allah reward you with good and blessings and then consider the agenda, recommendations and discussions which were as follows: ** - Ratification of the minutes of the previous session on 15/5/2017. ** - Prepare for the second semester examinations in terms of follow-up various aspects of it. ** Presentations from the office of Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development regarding the nomination of three faculty members or the supporting body to participate in the activities of the harassment and anti-violence unit at the university. ** Present what was accomplished during the academic year 2016/2017. ** Presented by the Office of the Professor / Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture - South Valley University regarding the invitation of the College to participate in the First International Conference for Agricultural Development and Community Service in the period 15-17 August 2017 in Hurghada. ** -

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