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    Group breakfast for payment number 18 in the college  

   The Faculty of Science organized a collective breakfast for students of the third and fourth teams at the Faculty on Wednesday, 2017/14/14, where the last day of the student exams was approved. In the presence of Prof. Dr. Arafa Sabry Juma, Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Mahmoud Soufi, Director of Quality Assurance Unit, Dr. Sumaya Gouda, Associate Professor, Physics Department, Dr. Taroub Abdel Nabi, Assistant Professor, Physics Department, Dr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Agha, , Dr. Kholoud Hamida, a lecturer at the Botany and Youth Care Department at the College, and about 130 students and students from the College and a number of graduates. Where Prof. Sabri thanked all the faculty, staff and students for their contribution in organizing this breakfast. In a speech to the students on the occasion of the graduation of Batch No. (18), he stressed that the college and its graduates represent one of the strong and influential living models in the external society. Science is the foundation of the renaissance of any nation and a cornerstone of building society and the state capable of facing the challenges of the times and its new developments. It was never the result of a coincidence but it is always the result of a long journey of seriousness, work, diligence and sincerity. He also appealed to the graduates to work on employing their knowledge and knowledge to achieve the goals of the country and to strive for excellence and excellence. College through the Alumni Association and work on marketing their potential to obtain the appropriate jobs for them and to provide their knowledge of the halal training courses that are held in the College and complete their higher education in the College and at the end of the word wishes to everyone for success in their work life

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