*Seminar on "Occupational Safety and Health in Laboratories"           *«Effect of iron oxides, aluminum and nano-silicone on the resistance of ordinary Portland cement for fire»           *Prof. Arafa Sabry, Dean of the Faculty, participates in the inauguration ceremony of Fayoum University Graduates Association      *Reception of new students      *Meeting of the Basic Science and Planning Sector Committee     


    Meeting of the Education and Student Affairs Committee for August  

   The Education and Student Affairs Committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Khaled Hussein Zaghloul, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs on Sunday, 13/8/2017. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Latif 2- Dr. Sumaya El-Sayed Gouda 3. Dr. Mohamed Ali Agha 4. Mr. Tarek Abdellah Sayed 6. Dr. Zeinab Ayad and Dr. Mahmoud Soufi were invited to attend. Mr. Mohammed Saeed and the student / Mohamed Ramadan, the official of the Federation attended the college. Mr. Abdel Moneim Abdulsalam Makhlouf apologized for the attendance. Prof. Khalid Hussein Zaghloul, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, welcomed the members. The topics included: - * - Ratification of the minutes of the former Committee for Education and Student Affairs No. 172 for June 2017 - Regarding the presentation of the results of students' applications for the results of the programs and the academic teams for the second semester examinations for the academic year 2016/2017. The following: - 1- The student / Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Sherif in the first division of the rest of the Division of Natural Sciences from a deposit and a successful graduate with two courses. 2 - student / Ahmed Fathi Al - Sayed third division Botany and Chemistry Division of successful successful material with a very good grade. * Regarding the complexity of the students of the first division of natural sciences and the second division of the people (chemistry physics - mathematics and physics - biological sciences). The committee agreed on the complexity of the new high school students as well as the students of the first division of natural sciences and the second division (chemistry, physics, mathematics and physics - biological sciences) according to the standards and the capacity of the scientific departments. * Regarding the application submitted by the student / Umniah Magdy Abdel Halim, who wishes to transfer from the Department of Natural Sciences to the Department of Geological Sciences in the academic year 2017-2018. * Presentation of the schedule of the exams of the role of September for the academic year 2016 - 2017 * - Presentation of the proposed agenda for the academic year 2017/2018. * - Regarding the request submitted by the student / Mohamed Ramadan Ragab Abdel Aziz third division physics department in the academic year 2016-2017 and approved by Prof. Dr. / Head of the Department of Physics who wishes to postpone his studies in the first semester in the academic year 2017-2018 Division IV Physics Division For a trip to Italy to study at the University of Sibianza. * Consideration of the proposal of the Council of Education and Students Affairs on 17/7/2017 regarding the approval of the Unified Academic Regulations of Fayoum University with the system of credit hours for undergraduate degrees in the university to be maximum (144) credit hours in the case of the number of years of study four years to be an average of 36 (137) on 26/7/2017 regarding the approval of correction of item (8) of the rules of correction of exam papers by the decision of the University Council in its session no. (35) held for the academic year in accordance with the quality standards. On 6/11/2008. * - Regarding the letter from the Council of the League held on 26/7/2017 No. (137) on the approval of the criteria on which to choose the student communication officer. * On the assignment of the students of the Union to spread the culture of quality under the supervision of colleague Dr. Mahmoud Sufi, Director of Quality Unit. * - Regarding the letter received from the Directorate General for Education and Student Affairs on the College's assignments. * - Regarding the college and university requirements for the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018, where the committee approved the college and university requirements for the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018 as follows: 1 - English language for the first division All the people are assigned a doctor from the Faculty of Arts 2 - Article of the principles of the law of the second division All the people are drawn Prof. / Gamal Abdul Rahman from the Faculty of Law University of Beni Suef. 3 - Health and safety of the third division All the people Dr. / Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul Latif 4 - Article history of the flag of the fourth band All the people Prof. Dr. / Najla Sayyed Rifat

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