*Seminar on "Occupational Safety and Health in Laboratories"           *«Effect of iron oxides, aluminum and nano-silicone on the resistance of ordinary Portland cement for fire»           *Prof. Arafa Sabry, Dean of the Faculty, participates in the inauguration ceremony of Fayoum University Graduates Association      *Reception of new students      *Meeting of the Basic Science and Planning Sector Committee     


    The renowned US National Medal of Sciences Laureate, Dr. Mostafa El Sayed visits Faculty of Science  

   The Faculty of Science, Fayoum University, was honored to host Dr. Mostafa El Sayed, the Egyptian-American chemical physicist, a leading nanoscience researcher, and the US National Medal of Science laureate. Dr. El Sayed met with Faculty of Science senior management officers. He also gave a lecture entitled "Our Immigrant Scientists and Their Role in Enriching Scientific Research". He gave it at the Said Soliman Hall. In his lecture, El Sayed tackled nanomedicine, and the applications of gold in Diagnostics and Selective Photothermal Therapy of Cancer. He said:" When gold or silver nanoparticles are joined to cancer antibodies, the cancer cells are bedecked with those nanoparticles and every cell can be very easily detected." He added that the fact that these nanoparticles absorb light strongly and this light is converted rapidly into heat allows for the destruction of cancer cells selectively at such very low laser energies not sufficient to harm the surrounding healthy cells. After the lecture, he toured the Faculty's facilities and labs, accompanied by Dean of Science Mohammad Nabil Yasin and a big number of the faculty. He also visited the Electrical Chemistry Lab and was briefed on the role of the lab in multi disciplinary industries.

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