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    Rector meeting Baqrik quality  

   As part of the overall plan to reach the adoption of the meeting was held in the presence of Mr. Alctor / Khaled Hamza Rector Prof. / Mahmoud Huwaidi Rector Advisor for reliable quality and the university and Prof. Dr. / Abdel Azim director of quality assurance university's Center and Prof. Dr. / roar Muhammad Bakir dean of the university and gentlemen agents and Dr. / Mohamed Abou El-Ghar Unit Manager to ensure quality faculty and members of the faculty and ancillary staff and officials of the standards and quality management team of administrators on January 5, 2015 Hall of the College Board. Where he opened Prof. Khaled Hamza speech welcoming the attendees and then stressed the need to speed up to show the results of the first semester exams to contribute to the dissemination of the quality system in all faculties of the university, as he declared that the university administration is taking regular steps toward three tracks, namely: the application of the credit hour system, and encode the university according to regulations own quality and proper utilization of human resources, the university system. Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud Huwaidi Rector Advisor for reliable quality and the university also favors the opening of his speech, that quality has become imperative for us to develop scientific institutions, educational, and it requires the university to work spreading the culture of quality and excellence so you can the university achieve its goals and objectives of a strategy. He also explained the expanded prefer to several important points, including: - • mechanisms to attract foreign students by communicating through with Ambassarataforeighoaafa students to attend and Aydaanchae attractive programs for students through cultural offices. • As sovereignty in his speech stressed that he must work plan for the training of cadres through the community - graduate - students - and administrators are Alahth situation in the light of the preparation of beneficiaries and target them and also work on the training of 75% of the total cadres and the success of this plan indicators. He also topped the important topics discussed by the sovereignty of the elements of the progress and success of the institutional quality of management and control of the university, and trends in the field of modern systems in the quality and quality management and overall requirements and that he answer for everyone working in the spirit of Community that foundation in strategic planning. At the end of the meeting heard Prof. Mahmoud Huwaidi to some questions important quality faculty members of the team

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