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    "How to deal with the Digital Library"  

   Under the auspices of Prof. Roar Muhammad Bakir dean of the university and the supervision of Prof. Najwa Parham Chairman of the Cultural Relations Faculty and supervision d. Abdel Baki unit manager of electronic services of kidney held in the framework of the unity of electronic services, Faculty and in cooperation with the Cultural Relations Committee's activities and a workshop on "how to deal with the digital library" of the masters of faculty members and graduate students and students of regular college and on Wednesday, 25/02/2015, where She explained research methods professor / Shaima Mr. Tawfiq libraries of kidney specialist and professor / names Shaaban official digital library unit electronic services altogether. Saluting the many students demanded action Akaontat them on site libraries eulc Union. Where they were to respond to this requirement as a site for www.eulc.edu.eg can find a way without Laconte from inside and outside the university, but the data bases www.eul.edu.eg site is a work which requires a special affection Laconte it more graduate students and faculty members to work on Laconte databases. View function are also given one problem for faculty members said the site of the ISI on global databases does not work within the university does not allow him to download any files while he was working at home when the enter their name and password has been the site of his experience and work efficiently from within the university. Action has also been activated for a number of personal accounts of the masters of faculty members and work to resolve several of the problems that you come across.

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