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    The workshop on "teamwork skills and team-building"  

   Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Khalid Ismail Hamza, President of Fayoum University and Prof. Dr. / Fred Awad Haider, Vice President for Community and Environmental Development, Crisis Management Centre organized a workshop on "teamwork skills and team-building" on Monday, March 2, 2015 Hall of the seminar of kidney workshop was attended by a d. Imad Dewedar director of Crisis Management Centre University and Prof. Hilal club and Vice Dean for Development and Environmental Affairs Dr. community service. Essam Ibrahim, Deputy Director of the unit crises and disasters Faculty and A.mamed the director of conference management and communication sector and A.asalam Abdul Salam official public relations crisis management center and a number of college students. At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Imad Dewedar director of Crisis Management Centre gave thanks to the family of the Faculty of Science at the college hosting the workshop. Where A.d.imad Dewedar began to clarify the main goal, which is seeking to him Workshop, which give students a set of basic knowledge and skills and positive behaviors that enable them to work within the team efficiently and effectively, and also enable them how to manage the team to ensure the success of the work, and the development of leadership skills Students and university students to become qualified leaders and actors contribute to nation-building and community service, which achieves the concept of quality of the student and the graduate that will be required for the job market and succeed in the collective work of a team. And He has made a presentation of the workshop was to identify from which on several topics, including team building objectives and the difference between an effective team and is effective, and the skills of the team members and the characteristics of the team efficient and founded the team management and indicators of the success of the team leader, and other axes core competencies to manage the team effectively and efficiently.

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