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Faculty Establishment
      The Faculty of Social Work was established according to the republic ruling No.56 for the year 1983. The study for the under and postgraduates started at the beginning of the academic year of 1984-85. Since then, the faculty was given a big thrust and took the lead among the faculties and institutions of social work despite the novelty of its origin. The faculty building consists of five floors containing several amphitheatres and lecture rooms, a computer laboratory, a gym, and several administrative offices. Besides, the faculty considers responding to the internal and external needs of the educational organizations a cornerstone for its existence, development and achievement of its objectives. Since the enforcement of the faculty's statute in 1993, several social and organizational requirements have come into existence and become necessary .The social requirements are represented in responding to the educational needs of society. The organizational requirements are represented in increasing the number of students' enrollment in the faculty and improving the quality of the academic courses to adjust students to society after graduation. However, the faculty staff observes that there are many gaps in that statute. Therefore, they called for its amendments so that it can cope with the social and organizational requirements of society.
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