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Faculty Council
 Prof.Dr. Zeinab Moawed el- Bahi  Dean of the Faculty
 Prof. Zainab Mouawad ElBahi  Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
 Prof. Fawzi Mohammed AlHadi Shehata  Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
 Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoud Erfan  Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development
 Prof. Shehata ElSayed Siam  Head of the Department of Social Sciences
 Prof.Dr. Hanaa Mohammed Abdel Hamid El-Sayed  Head of the Department of Social Work Methods
 Prof. Mahmoud Fathi Mohammed  head of the Social Work fields Department
 Prof. Hala Khurshid  Head of the development and planning department
 Prof. Mahmoud Mahmoud Irfan, Professor  Development and Planning Department
 Prof. Mustafa Ahmed Hassan, Professor Emeritus  Department of Social Work Fields
 Prof. Ahmed Abdel Fattah Nagy  Professor Emeritus, Department of Development and Planning
 Prof. Awny Mahmoud Qunsuah  Professor Emeritus, Department of Social Work Methods
 Prof. Salim Sdeeq Ahmed  Professor Emeritus, Department of Social Work Methods
 Dr. Ahlam Abdelmoemn  Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work Fields
 Dr. Abeer Hassan Mustafa, Lecturer  Department of Social Work Fields and the Secretary General of the Board
  From outside the college:  
Ms. Iman Zaky  Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Fayoum
 Dr. Asim Mohamed Morsi  Sports Management Secretary, Directorate of Youth and Sports in Fayoum.
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