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Ms. Heba Ahmed Rashad Mohamed
Contact Information
Phone Number: 084 6334817
Fax Number: 084 6349038
E-mail Address: har01@fayoum.edu.eg
Office : Faculty of Social Work Building
Postal Address : Fayoum – Fayoum University – Faculty of Social Work - Fields of Social Work Department- POBox:63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc.: Social Work - Fayoum University – 2011.
M.Sc.: Social Work - Fayoum University – 2015.
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 2012 To 2015
Assistant Lecturer: From 2015 Until Now
Professional Development For Faculty's Staff Members As An Approach to Achieve The Quality Of Social Work Students' Professional Preparation.
Reality of Using Technological Innovations in Social Work Education.
Research interests
the relationship between human development and the school area and its role in raising educational efficiency.
functional integration between the school social worker, teacher and its impact on raising the educational level of the students.
contemporary school problems and the role of the social service to handle.
youth issues and problems.
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