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    Director of the electronic portal at the University in a workshop on how to use the University and college website and email at the Faculty of Social Service  

   Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Hafeez departure of the acting president of Fayoum University witnessed Prof. Dr. Zainab Elbahi Dean of the Faculty of Social service and in the presence of Dr. Masoud Ismail Masoud executive director of the electronic portal of Fayoum University organized a workshop on how to use The university website) is Tuesday 6/11/2018, which lasts until 12/11/2018
   Prof. Dr. Zainab Mouawad El Bahi, dean of the College, welcomed Dr. Masood Ismail and stressed Her Excellency the management of the college to apply the use of technology to its importance at the moment as the technology is the language of the era and through which the best benefit to the student, adding that the college is creating Email to her students in collaboration with the website of the university, adding that the work of the workshop will continue from 6/11/2018 to 12/11/2018 for all study teams in the college.
   For his part, Dr. Masoud Ismail thanked the Professor Dr. Zainab Elbahi for hosting the workshop in the college, guiding students on the importance of using the website to know all the related news, stressing the importance of the pages of colleges on the website for their role in the benefit of students The college for what is included in the schedules, news and workshops, adding the importance of university e-mail to students in communicating with the faculty and its importance to the outside community in the event of academic communication as it confirms that the sender belongs to a university institution.
   He also stressed the importance of visiting the website of the university as the site rating rises with the number of visitors.
   A demo of email activation methods and how to use it was then started

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