*Seminar of Mr Mohamed Hussein’s masters’ thesis           *Collective breakfast, the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels           *The educational hotel prepares for the breakfast of 200 people of faculty team      *Incentive mechanisms for students to attend workshops and seminars      *Discussion of Graduation projects     
Welcome Word
On December 30, 1993 it was approved on establishing Faculty of Tourism & Hotels. The faculty embraces three departments which are:
- Tourism Studies Department.
- Hotel Studies Department.
- Tourist Guidance Department.
The Faculty seeks to create leaders for tomorrow; who are zealous, articulate, confident and passionate. To pursue its mission further, the faculty aims to attain a number of objectives including:

- Providing students with an adequate amount of knowledge, understanding and skills through highly distinguished curricula and programs.

- Supporting students academically to ensure the quality of learning opportunities.

- Creating highly qualified graduates who have the relevant life-long theoretical, practical, and analytic competencies which make them able to serve the tourism sector and other production sectors.

- Encouraging conducting scientific research and other relevant activities nationally, regionally and internationally.

- Increasing interest in community participation and development of domestic and international environment.

- Attaining confidence in the outputs of the educational process

- Providing the convenient physical and human resources to ensure the quality of the educational process and research

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Seminar of Mr Mohamed Hussein’s masters’ thesis Collective breakfast, the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels


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