*The faculty hosts the meeting of Quality Assurance Centre of the university           *Faculty of Tourism and Hotels preares for the new year           *The faculty’s students salute the Country’s flag      *Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Ma’boud meets the administrative team of the faculty’s library      *Resuming enrolment interviews to students joining the faculty     
Faculty Council
Acting Dean Prof.Dr.Mohammed Abdel-Wahab Morse
Vice-dean for Education and Students Dr.Ghada Mohamed Wafik Abu Bakr
Vice-dean for Post-graduate Studies Prof.Dr. Ashraf Elsayed Abdel-mabod Ghareb
Vice-dean for Community Service Dr.Rasha Mostafa Mohamed Omran
Professor Emeritus, Department of Hotel Studies  Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoud Howeidi  
Professor Emeritus, Department of Tourist Guidance Prof.Dr. Aisha Abdel Aziz Al-Tohami
Acting Head of Guidance department  Dr. Meirvat Abdel Hady Abdel Latif
Acting Head of Tourism Studies department  Dr. Nancy Mohamed Fawzy GamalEldin
   Assistant Professor, Department of Tourist Guidance  Prof. Nagwa Ibrahim Abd El Gawad
Lecturer, Department of Hotel Studies   Dr. Hesham Ezzat Saad Gad
Director of Quality Assurance Unit  Dr. Ehab Mohamed Abd El-Monim Younes ALI
 Acting Secretariat of the Council  Ms. Karima Ahmed Mohammed ElFol
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