*The faculty hosts the meeting of Quality Assurance Centre of the university           *Faculty of Tourism and Hotels preares for the new year           *The faculty’s students salute the Country’s flag      *Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Ma’boud meets the administrative team of the faculty’s library      *Resuming enrolment interviews to students joining the faculty     
General Manager

General Manager
Departments Management
Student Affairs Mr. Waleed Sayed Moawed
Post-graduate Studies Affairs Ms.Samiha Kamel Ali
Alumni Affairs Mr.Hesham Ali Abdel Aleem
Youth Welfare Mr. Zein Al-abadeen Mohamed Moawed
Administrative Affairs Ms. Maha Abdel Tawab Al-khashab
Financial Affairs Mr. Ashraf Ismaeil Sofy
Library Ms. Abeer Helmy Saeem
Language Teachers Mr.Ahmed Sayed Ahmed
The Computer Mr. Ahmed Sayed Ruby
Teaching Hotel Mr. Ashraf Abdel Wahab al-Ghandakly
Stores Mr. Yusuf Saad Ahmed
Secretariat Ms. Karima Ahmed al-Ful
Mr. Mohammad Saad
Archives Ms. Naglaa Taha Abdel Tawab
Treasury Mr. Abdel Mohsen Farhat Mohamed
Support Services Mr. Ragab Anter Gad

Tel: 084 6352181      Fax:084 6356631
Email: Fayoum University - First Floor - Tourism and Hotels Building - Postal Code 63514
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