The Architectural Competition for the Development of the Montazah Gardens Area

Start Date:  11February2019

Expired Date:   19February2019



The Architectural Competition for the Development of the Montazah Gardens Area

Supreme Council of Universities



The architectural competition for the development of the Montazah Gardens area

Subject of competition

The development of the Montazah Palace and Gardens and its transformation into a global tourist destination (entertainment, hotel, water sports, commerce, tourism), managed by the hotel management system and available for all categories and types of visitors

The Competition Jury

 Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces

 Military Technical College;

 Northern Military Region (Engineering Division);

 Head of Engineers Syndicate in Alexandria;

 The heads of architectural departments in Alexandria (Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University - Faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria University - Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport);

 Al Montazah Company for Tourism and Investment.

Development Strategy

- Preservation of the green areas and the size of the area;

- Commitment to the nature of the park as a great garden forserving the community;

- Avoiding anyharmful effects on the monuments, but to preserve and restore them;

- The design shall take into account that the Montazaharea isfor all classes of people;

- Adopting sustainable energy and irrigation as a key focus;

- Focusing on the tourism returns of the Montazah area internally and externally;

- Using smart city technologies in project management.

Goals of participation

- Establishing the principle of transparency and inclusiveness in decision-making;

- Achieving environmental and economic aspects of different alternatives;

- Finding a comparison of different concepts and alternatives;

- Finding cultural and functional solutions for traffic densities;

- Ensuring the quality of the project by the diversity of the ideas;

- Gaining positive publicity for the competition project;

- Preparing a good investment map;

Financial Awards

Shield + certificate of rank + financial check;

- First place: (500 thousand pounds(;

- Second place:(300 thousand pounds);

- Third place:(150 thousand pounds(.


- The deadline for registration: 16/2/2019;

- The deadline for the purchase of the statement of work (50 thousand pounds): 19/2/2019;

- Indoctrinating Conference Or Instructive Conference :20/2/2019;

- Delivery of the designs of the first phase: 20/3/2019;

- Delivery of the designs of the second phase: 20/4/2019.

To communicate:

- 01066944421

- 01033377865

- 01092785773