A Workshop on International Classification of Fayoum University: Decision Making Mechanisms in Scientific Research Using "SciVal"

Under the patronage of Prof. Ashraf Abd el-Hafiz, Acting President of Fayoum University, Prof. Mohamed Essa, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, attended a workshop on "International Classification of Fayoum University" on Wednesday, 26/6/2019 at the Central Library Conference Hall. This workshop was attended also by Prof. Kamal Ghallab, Representative of Fayoum University in the National Committee for the classification of universities in the Ministry of Higher Education and the Vice Dean of the Institute of Research and Strategic Studies of the Nile Basin countries and a number of members of the academic staff of the University.
At the beginning of his speech, Prof. Mohammed Essa welcomed the attendance and stressed the need to benefit from the objectives of the workshop and to put forward an agenda for meetings and other seminars for the promotion of international publishing and the use of the available means at the publishing house "Al-Safir", which is an international publishing house for magazines and practical researches. He added that the workshop includes an introduction that includes the definition of SciVal program, which is used in the analysis of scientific research, which contributes to raising the classification of the university internationally and how to enter it and create accounts for participants in the workshop.
Prof. Kamal Ghallab pointed out that the workshop aims to build the capacity of the academic staff members on international publishing in Scopus through the use of SciVal, one of the publishing houses in this field, with the Knowledge Bank and the Ministry of Higher Education in helping universities to raise the ranking of universities internationally.