Fayoum University Organizes a Medical Convoy to Desya Village

Under the patronage of Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Prof. Ashraf Abdel Hafiz Rahil, Acting President of Fayoum University, the General Administration for Community Service and Environmental Development organized a medical convoy to Desya-Al-Sunbat village, under the supervision of Prof. Assem El-Esawi, Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Fatima Abdullah Ismail, Vice Dean of Faculty of Nursing for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Mohamed Safaa El Din, General Director of University Hospitals, in presence of Dr. Sharbat Thabet, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Amal Ibrahim and Dr. Asmaa Kamal, Lecturers at Faculty of Nursing and Mrs. Suzanne Abdelkader, General Director of Community Service and Environmental Development in the University on Monday, 1/7/2019.
Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Hafiz, Acting President of Fayoum Universit, said that the medical convoy comes in implementation of the directives of the political leadership regarding the university role in the service of society and the development of the environment during the summer period and the speech of the Minister of Higher Education in this regard to choose areas or villages to develop them within a specified period of time.
He explained that the selection took place in Dassia village where the plan for its development includes the implementation of a number of activities during July and August 2019. It includes medical, agricultural and veterinary convoys, training courses, awareness campaigns and environmental activities, as well as workshops to promote women's issues.
It is worth mentioning that the convoy takes place with Fayoum University colleges and private centers in cooperation with Fayoum Association for the Development of Organic Agriculture, the National Council for Women in Fayoum, the Literacy and Adult Education Authority, the Environmental Affairs Agency in Fayoum, and the Ministries of Health, Education and Local Unity of Desya village.
The medical convoy includes 7 different specialties including children, ophthalmology, bones, skin, chest, nose, ear and general medicine.
The convoy carried out a medical examination and dispensed medicines for 957 cases, including 260 children, 137 skin, 127 internal, 160 bones, 123 nose and ear, 65 braces and 85 cases of euthanasia.
The team of Faculty of Nursing has carried out a campaign to raise awareness and measure the pressure and sugar of a number of cases from the villagers.