Recommendations of the Second International Conference of Faculty of Early Childhood Education

Under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of the University, on Monday 3/3/2020, the Conference Hall of the Central Library witnessed the ending session of the Second International Conference of Faculty of Education for Early Childhood under the title "Future Visions for Early Childhood" in presence of Prof. Safaa Ahmed Dean of the Faculty and a number of professors, students and researchers participating in the conference from Egyptian and Arab universities.
Prof. Safaa Ahmed announced the most prominent recommendations resulting from the conference, which included the recommendation on the need to overcome the technological importance of children and work to develop their cognitive and creative aspects.
The conference also recommended that the ethical aspects should be taken into consideration when conducting research related to early childhood, and recommending the use of music in teaching subjects as a basic factor in building the psychological state of the child.
It also included the call to expand the establishment of kindergarten institutions and provide them with all the necessary capabilities, focus on integration programs in education, and work programs to provide psychological flexibility for mothers of autistic children and contribute to decrease pressure on their shoulders.
At the end of her speech, Prof. Safaa thanked the President of the University and University Administration for their full support in setting up all activities related to the college and facilitating the necessary capabilities for that. She also thanked the Egyptian and Arab researchers participating in the conference, the organizing committee and the students participating in the conference activities.