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Vision & Mission

"Together We Build our Unique University"

Future Vision:

All faculties get the accreditation from the National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation"


Contributing in enhancing and developing the educational and research performance as well as services offered to the community through the support given by the faculties for quality assurance and achieving the university vision, mission and strategic plan.


*Setting up and activating Quality Assurance & Strategic Planning Center (QASPC) in Fayoum University.

*Having communication mechanisms among the centre and its peers in other national and international universities.

*Preparing trainers in the field of quality assurance in the university.

*Revising the annual reports of the faculties as well as doing the inner revisions to support the quality assurance systems in faculties.

*Providing the faculties with the technical support to set up quality assurance units.

*Spreading the culture of quality among the faculty staff members, their assistants, workforce and students.

*Assisting the faculties in setting their strategic plans and following up the execution of the strategic plan of the university.

*Setting a plan for guarantying the sustainability of the centre.


First: Spreading the culture of quality:

1-Conducting the university vision and mission and accrediting it from the university council in May 31, 2006.

2-Publishing a poster of university mission and vision in all faculties.

3-Making a pamphlet about the center.

Second: Training:

1-Holding a workshop for training the faculty staff of Faculty of Specific Education on setting specifications of courses.

2- Holding a workshop for training the faculty staff of Faculty of Specific Education on doing reports on programs and courses.

3-Making a suggested program for training the members of the sub-committees of the centre during January and February, 2007 on the following skills:

*integration among the tasks of the subcommittees.

*preparing the strategic and executive plans.

*setting specifications of curricula and programs.

*doing reports of courses and programs.

Third: Technical Support to Faculties:

*the center offers the technical support to quality assurance units located in faculties through:

1-having coordinators from each faculty in the center.

2-setting a plan for training the members of subcommittees on TOT.

3-preparing a file for each faculty in the center.

4-holding as many meetings as possible with the units managers to follow up the outputs of these projects.

5-discussing and tackling the stumbling blocks.

6-holding meetings with Prof. Dr. Galal M. Said, president of Fayoum University to discuss the progress of quality projects in the university.

7-asking the faculties to hold meetings with the fresh students with the beginning of the academic year.

9-suggesting new design of courses evaluation forms done by the students.

10-steering the faculties towards spreading its vision and mission in student book guide.

11-making a booklet for spreading the culture of evaluation among the faculty staff.

12-the manager paid visits to follow up the execution of the outputs of the projects.

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