FU TTO Objectives technology transfer office :

• Technology transfer from University to all stakeholder and beneficiaries in industry and agri sectors.

• Safe and smart transfer of international technology by scientific specialists to markets.

• Consolidating connections between University labs and Industry production units.

• Commercializing and activating the approved Egyptian patents.

• Transforming the innovative ideas into industrial applications.

• Mapping the university competences in research and technology in a clear profile.

• Creating incubators to assist in solving industrial problems

FU grants and international cooperation office GICO Objectives :

• Arrange partnerships, technological and scientific research with national and international universities.

• Attraction foreign students to study in Fayoum University.

• Encourage and increase the mobility of students, researchers and staff to other countries through different mobility program that support with different grants.

• Enconage and Reinforce the FU commitment with global universities.

• Continuous applying for different grants for different sources of finance to guarantee the implementation and continuity of the FU technological research and development programs.

• Promote research via international cooperation or grants particularly for technological and industrial development.

• Raise public awareness on the importance of international cooperation issues.

• Improve FU share in the international science and technology advancement.

• Strengthen the communication between institutions: public and privates, civil society, etc in order to share information and good practices all over the world.

• Create new alliances and strengthen the current ones in order to improve FU capacities in the international development cooperation.

• Promote joint projects with other universities, agents, GICO offices in different and other Universities, organizations, institutions, and enterprises at different levels.

FU technology innovation support center (TISC) Objectives :

• Aawareness on patent processing and legally registering patents in a relatively short time.

• Organize workshops to facilitating the procedures to apply for and obtain patents.

• Creating an sign agreement to assure and guarantee faire and fruitful scientific cooperation between universities and industry within a committed public engagement policy..

• Contribute to the drafting of agreements (national or international) to protect the intellectual property of the staff and the University.

• Encouraging scientific research in all faculties of the University and facilitating the progress of technical and boost economic development.

• Encouraging FU faculties on investing the innovative ideas while preserving the rights of ownership.

• Revitalization of the industrial and commercial market to provide new competitive products.