Vision & Mission

Our University Vision :

Fayoum University aspires to compete locally, regionally and internationally in the fields of education, scientific research and excellence in community partnership in accordance with quality standards.

So theuniversity play an important role in developing and applying the new technology in different field of agriculture, Agri industrial and industrial. Where that the information revolution generated in universities can be converted to industry which will be useful to the public and private sectors in the university region in particular and all surrounded governorates. This, leading to increased interest in finding the most appropriate frameworks for the promotion of industrial - university partnerships for technology transfer and adoption of an entrepreneurial spirit. The overall vision of TICO complex is to become the main entry and support point encompassing all national and international activities that channel University outputs (Science, Technology, Innovation & Research) to the industry and promote innovation inside and outside the university for the sake of knowledge-based and innovation-supported economy

The three constituting offices (GICO, TTO and TISC) will be synchronized in an ever running integrated cycle to produce, upgrade, protect, commercialize, and transfer Science, Technology and Innovation products from University to community, industry and labor market.

The TICO at Fayoum University (FU TICO) will work with researchers and students at our University and in other research centers and universities in Egypt to achieve the goal of driving the economy specially in Upper Egypt, and the whole country by empowering them to take their technology ideas and implement them in the real world.

FU will be an excellent exporter and supporter of high technology to the industry within a global cooperative context regrouping diverse disciplines conforming to the goals of achieving Fayoum University to become among the regional leading institutions recognized and highly-ranked universities.


Fayoum University adopts quality standards and offers educational programs that develop thought and creativity to prepare a distinguished graduate capable of competing in the labor market within the framework of values and ethics and conduct scientific research that contributes to the production, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge to solve and raise the problems of society, so our Fayoum university mission include :

• Create a strong relationships with international partner, institutions within Africa, European Union, USA and worldwide.

• Create a data of all available grants, and follow ship to support student and researches for travelling abroad to Collect information about the available grants, international programs and projects to cope with the national and international development

• Announce of the available grants in ministry of higher education , academy of science to be available to all researches and student in the university and Fayoum university committee

• Create a database in order to support processes requiring this information especially the announcement of the available grants and the latest international cooperation.

• Providing databases on the requirements to properly transfer the modem technology in different objected areas to all scientific communities

• Acquainting the university and industry communities with the main objectives, activities and strategies of TICO. Office and it's branches

• Support the international initiatives of FU's departments and organizational units.

• Assist in the process of technology transfer from the university into other institutions or enterprises on international levels for diverse disciplines.

• Share a part in the process of locally and globally marketing the knowhow.

• Promote, encourage, assist and supervise the mobility of students, researchers and staff (incoming and outgoing) particularly for technological and research development.

• Protect and assure and intellectual rights and promote innovation in the university.

• Establish fair and protected treaties between the university and industry.

• Provide a strong link between the universities and all scientific institution all over the worlds.

• Provide a strong link with the majors scientific publication sites to provides all the new technology to our university researcher