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    Education and Students' Affairs Committee Meeting for May 2013  

    The Education and Students' Affairs Committee held its meeting for May 2013 on Monday 13/5/2013. The meeting was chaired by Professor Hamdy Mahfouz Gaballah, Vice-Dean for Education and Students' Affairs. It was attended by Dr. Mohammad Mohammad Al-Rabeay, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environment Development, Dr. Abdullah Shoeeb, and Ms. Salama Abdel Tawab Said, Students' Affairs Officer. Among the topics discussed were: the application submitted by Hany Abdel Hakim al-Masry, a Syrian student, who has applied for the faculty for the academic year 2012/2013, and the student mobility announcement through which students can travel to the Universities of Al Khartoum, Babel, Salaheldin, and Al-Zarqaa.

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