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Welcome Word
Faculty of Dar Aluluom is committed to:
• Giving an integral view of Islamic culture in pre-modern times as well as studying the ancient and the modern and combine them in order to achieve originality and contemporariness.
• Opening new horizons towards sophisticated and contemporary schools of thought via adopting an analytical, critical and attentive view.
• Enhancing and enriching the critical and literary skills.
• Posing a close eye on the heritage with the aim of maintaining, enriching and adding to it, then making use of it.
• Cultivating the mind, conscience, thought and belief.
• Maintaining the Arabic language, its arts and activating it to cope with the latest developments so as to absorb the current scientific and technological progress.
• Activating the role of the Arabic language to retain its place among the world's languages in international forums.
• Conducting some postgraduate studies research to evaluate the curricula of the Arabic language and literature at pre-university education, and propose appropriate solutions to improve it and achieve the desired goals successfully.
• Teaching the Arabic Language and Literature to non-Arabic speaking people to contribute to its globalization.
• Spreading the knowledge with the Arab Islamic civilization, through the documentation and re-presentation of manuscripts and publications in a modern picture suiting the true face of the Arabic language and its sciences.
• Correcting the common misconceptions regarding Islamic thought.
• Preparing the coming generations to be able to contribute to community in a way which helps the family to be united, home to be safer, and the nation to keep its identity.

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E-Portal Team Follow-up Visit Congratulations Dr. Mahmoud Bakr


Conference on "Arabic and Islamic Studies: Heritage and Renewal"

3<sup>rd</sup> Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference Program

3<sup>rd</sup> Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference

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