Rheumatology Department Organizes The 4thAnnual Conference
Protectionfrom the Electronic Ransom Virus
A Seminar Entitled "Because I'm a Man"
A Seminarabout Scholarships and Projects Available through EU Funding Programs
Organizes a comprehensive medical convoy to Sanhour El-Qeblia village
Theatrical performance entitled "Om El-Masreen"
Open Registration for the 2nd year2018/2019 of the8th five-year plan of missions 2017/2022
Workshop about Psychodrama
Creative Thinking Workshop
Scholarships for courses in English for all ages
Training program entitled “The basics of AutoCAD”
One- day trips for the employees in the university
Courses in languages (English - French - German - Spanish - Italian - Chinese) and conversation
The third international conference (culture In the face of extremism)
Jobs in the center of marketing of the fayoum university services.
Opening the door of the stay at the cities of the university
Job in the center of skills development of members of the faculty and leaders
Public tender for the technical and financial envelope system at the faculty of science
Delay the interview and tests for a technical and folding job
A honored ceremony for Early public certification
The printing and publishing unit at Fayoum University announces the date of the interview and tests
Opening the door of enrollment and registration for the program of the higher studies (diploma- master-PhD)
A honored ceremony for the excellentstudents from sons of members of faculty and the supported members
Workshop entitle “adaptation with the work environment
Workshop entitle “handmade and arts works by the hands of the deaf and the hearing impaired
Appointment of the interview for the program of summer training 2017
Training course entitle shopping for professional
Meeting of the annual committee of housing and building for the members of the faculties and employee in the university
Courses in the language (English-French-Germany-Spanish - Italian - Chinese)
Course Announcement
Vacancies at Publication Unit
AlSumait African Award
CLT offers courses
Course in English Phonetics and Pronunciation
Vacancies at Fayoum University Website
Intel Gallery for Science and Technology
Training Courses at CSSN
Contest of Designing a Plan Cover
Media Center Conference
British Council Workshop
Training Courses at DRCC
CSSN seeks volunteers
Outstanding Students Contest
Seminar on "Pharmacology"
University President Meeting Postponed
Media Center Seminar
Vacancies at DSASC
Workshop on "Digital Databases"
Bahrain Prize for IT
Zayed Future Energy Prize
Quran Memorization Contest
Workshop on "Digital Databases"
Deadline for University Dorms Petitions
9th Round of Khalifa Award for Education
Workshop on Erasmus Mundus Grants
Symposium on "Egypt...Location and Status"
Nominations Window for State Awards Opens
Nominations Window for ASRT Opens
FLDC announces job vacancies
Symposium on " October Victory"
Symposium on "The Guidelines to the Civil Service Law"
Lists of admitted students for University Dorms released
25th University Teacher Preparation Course to start on Oct.8
University Badges of Vehicles ready for pick up
Deadline for graduate studies application extended
University ID cards ready for pick up
Vacancies at the Nigerian University, Alhelal
Deadline for University Dorms Application Extended
Apply for Biotechnology programs
Vacancies at CRDC
A supervisor for FMTP needed
Student Activities to start on September 28
TOT course to start on September 28
Workshop on "Reducing Radioactive Contamination"
Training Courses at GAO
Applications invited for University Dorms
Symposium on "Autistic Child Teaching Methods"
Vacancies at Crisis Management Center
Pathways to Higher Education
Trip to Sharm El Shiekh
TOT Preliminary Course
Ceremony for top students of educational stages
Trips during Summer Holiday
Small-scale Industries Course
Apply for Postgraduate Studies
Children's University Inauguration Ceremony Postponed
Opening Ceremony of Children's University Program
Vacancies at CRDC
English Language Courses
Digital Library adds new databases
FUSC Iftar
CLT offers French and Italian courses
International Publishing of Research Program
Shortlisted Candidates for TOT Course
Academic Advising Program
Summer English courses
University Inventor Competition
HUBERT H. HUMPHREY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM in Higher Education Administration
Subsidized Training Courses in Computer
UNAM to hire Egyptian lecturers
Closing ceremony of student activities
First Student Promo Video
FLDC to approve new trainers and hold ToT courses
Registration for Edu Egypt Scholarship is Now Open
Course in English Phonetics and Pronunciation
ASRT invites research proposals for 2016/2017
CLT Offers Language Courses
ICTP Offers Free Courses
ICTP to refund course security deposits
Arab Youth Award for 2015
UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science
Alecso Apps Award
TICO Training Program
University Photo Competition
Quality Assurance Center Requires Volunteer Faculty Members
Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey
FameLab 5th Heat
Ceremony for top students of educational stages
Award for Best Media Production on Arab Women
Center for Students with Special Needs requires director
Faculty of Medicine: Apply for a master's degree
University Leadership Program Postponed
Alecso Apps Award
IELTS Preparation Course
13th Conference of Plant Pathology
Faculty of Dar Al Uloom 12th International Conference
Academic Publication Program Postponed
Learn to speak Russian
National Institute for Standards needs director
Job Vacancies at MIS Project
Trip to the circus
First Aid Workshop
Women's Leadership Program
NIS Offers Specialized Training
FUSC: Hajj Applications Invited
Learn Chinese with the CLT
First Call of JESOR-Development Program
FLDC: Strategic Planning Program Postponed
Cairo Innovates TV Show
University Moodle System to Be Updated
Job Opening: Embassy of Knowledge Officer
Call of practicable short-term proposals
ICTP: Certificates Ready for Pickup
7th International Conference on nano-technology in construction
ICTP: Job openings
Vacancies at the Information Center
Workshop on radioisotope technology
Call for Winter School on Water and Energy/ IWATEC
King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language Prize
Info-Day on Excellence in Nanoscience Education
FLDC announces job vacancies
7th Commencement Day: Award Giving Ceremony
General and Specialized Translation Courses
Learn languages with the CLT
"Scientific writings by young people" contest
Job Openings at New and Renewable Energy Project
Crisis Management Center Launches Student Research Competition
QASPC offers courses
Free courses in statistical analysis
ICDL Certificates Ready for Pickup
Water Security Seminar
Job openings at ICTP
7th Commencement Day Ceremony
Student Research Competition
Executive director needed
Trip to Luxor and Aswan
Trip to Sharm el Sheikh
Information session about FameLab 2015
Job opportunity at Psychological Counseling Center
Trip to the New Suez Canal
Newton-Mosharafa PhD Scholarships
Korean Cultural Day at Fayoum University
Cairo University: 11th International Scientific Conference
"How to use international databases" workshop
FUSC: Membership IDs to be issued
Fayoum University to observe World Diabetes Day (WDD)
"How to maximize faculty members' roles in quality endeavors" contest
Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) for 2015
Norwegian Government Offers Scholarships for Egyptian Scholars
Learn French with the CLT
2<sup>nd</sup> Minia International Conference
Internet Connectivity Restored
Training Course at CLT
Internet service temporarily unavailable
DAAD: Bilateral Exchange of Academics (WAP)
ARADO needs director-general
PMU requires experts
Job openings: Director-generals required
List of students to be accommodated at university dorms
University ID Cards Ready for Pickup
Ceremony to honor outstanding students
Fayoum University's International Publishing Award
ICTTP: Examiners Required
ICTTP: certified trainers needed
Courses to be converted into e-formats
Apply for scholarships offered by Mexico
Vacancies at PMU
Deputy Director Needed
Czech Republic Offers Scholarships
Workshop on Environmental Engineering Systems
Cairo Initiative Educational Grants
KDI Scholarship Program
MIS: University ID Cards Ready for Pickup
Fresh engineering students to submit their files
Placement tests in Windows and Office
Pathways to Higher Education Training Postponed
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Offers Scholarships
Free courses during August and September
Scholarships for fresh graduates
DTMS: List of enrolled students for 2014 summer training
Join our graduate programs
Application for University Dorms
Modern uses of nuclear medicine workshop
International Conference on Research and Innovation for Sustainable Soil Management
Young Scientists Summer Program
Students to get commitment fees back
Eight candidates run for university president
First Phase of Tansik Starts
SCU Approved Training Program
Arab Industrial Information Development Symposium
Trip to Hurghada
Ramadan tourney in e-games
5-a-side Ramadan League
PHE: Personal interview date announced
Scientific Conference on "Egypt's Water Security"
Aptitude Tests for Thanaweya Amma students
1st International Conference on Innovative Building Materials
Prof. Shawki Al-Fangary's Annual Award
6th Suez Canal University Conference
Updating faculty database
Job Openings at the Central Printing House
CSEDS announces job openings
Free Courses Offered
CLT Offers Language Courses
New services by the Digital Library
Faculty of Medicine: Application for Master's degree
Free courses for faculty members, staff and students
Training courses at Rehabilitation Center for the Blind
Day Trips for University Staff
23rd Faculty of Social Work Scientific Annual Conference
Personal Interviews for Course Coordinator Job Rescheduled
Statistical Analysis of Test Scores Workshop Postponed
Registration Window Opens for Free Course
DSASC: Workshops for faculty members
Free Certified Human Development Course
Academic Publication Program for Graduate Students
Training courses for language instructors
South Valley University's Environmental Studies Conference
Personal Interviews for Course Coordinator Job Scheduled
Photographer Needed
Opening Ceremony of Patent Office
Workshop on student's portfolio between theory and practice
Trip to the Circus
2015 Da'wa and Islamic Jurisprudence Award
TOEFL Test Dates
Free computer courses for university students
Public Service Camp for Egypt
First aid training course
Workshop on "Statistical Analysis Programs"
Trip to Hurghada
Documents needed for TOEFL course
Information Session on Bibliotheca Alexandria Services
Result of PHE Training for Winter 2014
GERSS: German-Egyptian Research Short Term Scholarships
ASRT invites research proposals
Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)
2015 Da'wa and Islamic Jurisprudence Award
Job opportunities for tourism graduates
EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation
ICT Training Offers MIS Courses
Free training courses
Job opening: Director of Central Printing House
Trip to the Arabian Nights
Awards for Distinguished Scientific Research
Radiation Control Workshop
"How to Write a Competitive Proposal" Workshop
Agenda of Code of Ethics Program
First International Forum on Egyptian Water Security
6th International Conference on Nano-Technology in Construction (NTC 2014)
Da'wa and Islamic Jurisprudence Award
Fulbright Egyptian Student Program
Leadership Training and Capacity Building
International Conference on Industry Academia Collaboration (IAC 2014)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award
Sign language classes
Specialized course for English majors
University Teacher Preparation Course
Missions Plan for 2013/2014
FLDC's Training Plan
Ceremony to honor faculty members' and personnel's distinguished children
List of participants in courses
Calligrapher needed
Questionnaire to measure students' satisfaction with assessment systems
Free maintenance course
Trip to Cairo International Book Fair
Important Notice for InnovEgypt students
TOT Preliminary Course
TOEFL Tests Schedule
CLT offers courses
CDC: secretary needed
Prince of Asturias Awards: Call for nominations
Registration for military education courses
IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP)
Training of Trainers Program
DSASC organizes two workshops
Creating digital library accounts
Deadline for signing up for self evaluation course
Sign up for petrol distribution system
Dates of personal interviews for Pathways Grants
Workshops on Erasmus Mundus Grants
Information Session on DAAD Scholarship Opportunities
Training courses at Digital library
Banking services from Industrial Development and Workers Bank of Egypt
Sustainable Development Trainer Preparation Course
University to distribute 82 tablet PCs to top students
New training programs
Job opening: printing technician
Competition and training course in small industries
7<sup>th</sup> Round of Khalifa Award for Education
Workshops for University's Strategic Plan Team
Trip to Dream Park
Third dose of hepatitis B virus vaccines
Deadline for student proposals extended
World Diabetes Day Activities
Training course in programming and networking
Digital library services come back
Two training courses in "Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology"
Test date for applicants for course coordinator jobs rescheduled
Free Vodafone lines for university personnel
Faculty of Education 12<sup>th</sup> Scientific Conference Rescheduled
Applicants for course coordinator vacancies to be tested
MIS Project needs a director
List of accepted students at the University Dorms
Apply for University Dorms
Seminar on "University Leadership and Equal Opportunity"
Nominations invited for the IOC Open-ended Intersessional Financial Advisory Group
2nd Mansoura University Scientific Conference
Director required for Center for Crisis Management
7th Round of Abdullah II ibn Al-Hussein Award
3rd International Conference on Arabic Language
IDB Prizes for Science and Technology
Erasmus Mundus Proposal Writing Workshop
4th Fourth Quranic Conference on Youth and Nation's Future
Job openings at the IIASA
DAAD Proposal Writing
Issuing of Teaching Staff Club ID Cards
More e-courses to be activated
2nd Southern African Young Scientists Summer Programme for Doctoral Students
Training schedule of Pathways to Higher Education Program
More courses converted into e-formats
ICT Training Project: Registration of new trainers
TWAS Research Grants: call for applications now open
ICT Training Project Offers Training Courses
Job openings at the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine
Michel Batisse Award for Biosphere Reserve Management
Training Program for Capacity Building of Egyptian Family
Apply for University Dorms
Apply for Graduate Programs
Mass Iftar to be held Monday
Civil servants promotion rules
Apply for University Dorms
Free training courses for students
14th Egyptian Association for Educational Technology Conference
Internship Opportunities at DOW Egypt
Free courses for university students
ASRT needs judges of research proposals
Training program for preparing new young leaders
Registration is now open for summer camps
More courses to be converted into electronic formats
New controls for using the main hall
Nominations invited for "Most important Arabic Book Award"
Student Research Competition
Ain Shams University Conference Postponed
MWRI and ESA warn of fake maps of Egypt
Running ICTP Training Courses
Green Talents Competition 2013
Result of Pathways to Higher Education Project for Summer 2013
Food safety workshop
Strategic planning course
DRCC offers courses
IWaTec: Call for Application 2013
Course on SWOT Analysis
Summer resorts for faculty members
Registration for smart cards for subsidized fuel is now open
Two workshops for faculty members
Directors needed
Director-general required for Procurement Administration
ASRT Initiatives launched
Seminar on disability and human rights
Closing ceremony of Ideal Student Contest
Soccer team to be selected
Course coordinator required
Job openings at Fayoum University
Graphic designers needed
Personal interviews for potential Pathways students scheduled
Liberia needs engineering faculty members
Strategic Intelligence Course for Administrative Officers
One-day course on job hunting skills
One-day counseling course
Digital Library halts work on databases
Customized training courses
FUCLT Offers Courses
Faculty members can apply for Hajj
Henry Moseley School and Workshop on X-ray Science
Training courses for students and faculty members
Deadline for applying for 2013 Summer Program confirmed
CAMS offers 10 short-term missions
Writing Contest on "concept of education quality"
Brain storming course scheduled
Access to some international databases now available
Unpredictable Crises Course Postponed
Training course in unpredictable crises
QASPC offers training courses
Soccer open day
Results of Pathways to Higher Education Training
Doha International Award for Interfaith Dialogue for 2014
London International Youth Science Forum
Global Climate Changes Conference
Morals League: soccer tourney
Graduation Projects Competition Ibtiecar 2013
Morals League to begin with cultural activity
Training course in brainstorming and problem solving
Announcement for archaeology students
Role of Micro-hydel for Developing Countries Workshop
Training course in SWOT Matrix
Registration open for Governorate Club
Sustainable development drive kick-off ceremony
DAAD Modules at Fayoum University
Research Ethics Awareness Info Day: venue relocated
Course in Strategic Planning
Mahathir Science Award Now Nominations Open
Job Opening at AOAD: Internal Controller
Academic cooperation between University of Vienna and Egyptian University
DNIP: Service Complaint E-mail
Public Service Center needs director
Seminar on Agricultural Technology Transfer
12th Faculty of Islamic Law Conference at Jerash University
Uses and Applications of Electron Microscope Training Course
AUW invites admission applications
Winter School on Sustainable Water Technologies
Draft Regulation for EUPC
Instructions Issued by the FUSC Elections Committee
Trip to Africano Park Adjourned
TEMPUS: Call for Proposals
Workshop on "how to write a competitive proposal for Tempus program"
7<sup>th</sup> International Conference of Sustainable Agricultural Development
1<sup>st</sup> Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine
Service Marketing Coordinator Needed
A training course on "How to be a successful announcer"
1st Egyptian-German Workshop
QASPC offers training courses
E-courses to be activated
Recreational trips during mid-year recess
Research Ethics Awareness Info Day: venue relocated
QASPC to form task force
Opportunity to fund graduation projects and master's and PhD theses
ASRP: First Call of proposals
One-day trips for students
Careers at UfM
2013 Riyadh International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education
Workshop on "Medical Application of Radiation"
Elections of FUSC postponed
Workshop on "What makes a good test"
Workshop on Journal Impact Factor
Fayoum University Organizes a Trip to Sharm El Sheikh
Mid-year Recess Trips
First call for proposals under INTLA
A trip to Luxor and Aswan
Seminar on Higher Education Funding Opportunities in the Arab Region
Important notice for faculty members
Training course for students and faculty members
Reservation of housing units now open
E-course demos are now available
Call of nominations: Ibn Khaldoun and Léopold Sédar Senghor Translation Award
Next Saturday is a school day for Open Education students
Seminar on Egypt's draft constitution
Personal interviews for applicants to Pathways to Higher Education grants
Doha International Award for Interfaith Dialogue for 2013
Innovation in Teaching and Learning Awards (INTLA)
Seminar on Egypt's new constitution
Faculty of Agriculture: Tender for Elevator Installation
Infrastructure of Information Networks: Applicants for job openings to be tested
Teambuilding for Team Leaders By Ms. Sonja Drewes
Competition for creative and innovative students
E-Learning Workshops at ECPC
Job openings at ECPC
QASPC: Applications Invited to Institutional Self Evaluation Course
A Workshop for Tempus
Deputy Director of IT needed
Trip to the National Circus Postponed
Employability Skills Training Courses for Seniors
Job Openings at Infrastructure of Information Networks
ECPC adopts Moodle Online Learning Platform
Electoral Commission Supervising FUSC Elections
1<sup>st</sup> National Conference on Scientific Research and Civil Society
Applications Invited to Institutional Self Evaluation Course
Trip to the National Circus
Registration open for cultural forum
ASRT invites nominations for state prizes
Information session on e-learning
6th Call of Tempus IV
Voting date of FUSC polls re-scheduled
Timeline of FUSC elections
2nd Crisis Management Course
Job openings at e-services Units
Crisis management training course
ICT Training Project offers training courses
Training Course in Bioinformatics
E-courses to be activated
Be member of the QASPC
Students invited to compete in Egyptian University Paralympics
Faculty of Archaeology: Call for Applications for Graduate Programs
Training Program in "Detection of environmental pollutants"
Seminar on Crisis Management and how to deal with fires
Registration is open for ToT Prep Course
Pathways to Higher Education: Result of 2012 Summer Training Released
Academic Positions at Libyan Universities
Call for proposals under 2nd Egypt-Italy Cooperation Agreement
Egypt-Italy Scientific and Technological Cooperation: Call for Proposals
Job Opening at Quality Assurance Unit
2012 All Africa Public Sector Innovation Awards
Workshop about "Use of Radioisotopes in Agricultural and Hydrological Studies"
2012 All Africa Public Sector Innovation Awards
2013 IDB Prizes for Science and Technology
Apply for University Housing
OEC: Registration Open for Translation Program
Notice about ceremony honoring top students
ICT Training Project offers training courses
41St Cairo Demographic Center Annual Conference
Invitation to Pyongyang International Science and Technology Book Fair
Excellence in Scientific Publication Awards (ESCPA)
Workshop about "Protection of Labs Using Radioactive Sources"
International Conference on "World Sugar Economy"
Nahda University Conference
FLDC: Registration Open for Qualifying Course for ToT Program
Arab Research Competition (ARC)
DTMS Program to Start August 26
FLDC: Workshop for young researchers
Day trips during Summer 2012
Apply for Postgraduate Studies
Call for nominations for the IDB Prize in Islamic Economics for 2013
Appalachian Applications for Spring 2013
Applications now open for University Housing
Open Education exams to resume
Interview Date for ICT Training Deputy Director Vacancy Scheduled
Registration Now Open for First Camp
Free courses for students
Cultural Advisor Required
Job opportunities for people with special needs
RDI: Application deadline for Grant Scheme 1 prolonged
RDI: Egypt - South Africa 2nd Call 2012-13
International conference to focus on Palestinian cause
Job Openings at Fayoum University
Applications now open for INBSSSR
ICT Training offers MIS courses
Registration for Training Opens at SCU
Vacancies at Infrastructure of Information Networks
FLDC: Qualifying Course for TOT Program
University Press: Photoshop Designer Needed
DRCC: Best Applied Research Competition
OEC: Modifications to Exam Timetables
Job Opening: Deputy Director for ICT Training Project
Invitation to 9th Annual Forum at Kuwait University
Practical Test for Drivers Postponed
RDI-Innovation Fund: Information Day
Job Opening: Deputy Director for ICT Training Project
Applicants shortlisted for driving test
ALECSO launches ICT Uses in Arab Educational and Training Institutions Guide
Test Date for Applicants to Executive Secretary Job Announced
Instructional Aids Fair at the Faculty of Early Childhood Education
Cairo University Staff Club issues important notice
ICTP to fund new package of competitive projects
ICT Training: Courses for faculty members and staff
Training Course in Real Time PCR
Opportunities for faculty members: Academic and Cultural Bilateral Programs
Faculty of Education: Important Notice for Faculty Members
IwaTech: Application deadline prolonged
Job openings at Misurata University, Libya
Job openings at Salman bin Abdulaziz University
India: Fellowships for African researchers
OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship
NeXXt Scholars Partnership Initiative
Job opportunities for faculty members
MERRCAC: Genetic Engineering Workshop
2012 Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Awards
Executive Secretary Required
Introductory Course in Bioinformatics
African Union Scientific Awards
Pathways to Higher Education: Applicants Selected for English Language Program
Essay Writing Contest for University Students
Workshop on IwaTech Program
Writing Scientific Papers in English: 3<sup>rd</sup> Phase
Karabuk University: Job Openings
Important Notice for Digital Library Users
IWaTec: First Call for Application 2012
Bibliotheca Alexandrina offers free technological services for researchers
Job Opening: Cultural Advisor
NARSS: Chairman Required
Job Openings at Shaqra University
Capacity Building Grant (CBG): Call for Proposals
MIS: Courses for faculty and staff
Interview Date Set for 2012 National Training Program
NRF: 2012 Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Foreign researchers
Free courses for faculty and staff
ICT Training Project Offers Training Courses
TWAS: Postgraduate Training Fellowships
Research Support Grant: Call for Proposals
MIS Offers Courses for faculty and staff
Development Research and Consultation Center needs deputy director
Faculty Assistant Travel Guidelines
Free trip postponed
Free Trip to Fayoum Sights
Egyptian Universities' Sports Tournament
Application Window for 2012 National Training Program Extended
39<sup>th</sup> Egyptian Universities Weightlifting Championship
2<sup>nd</sup> Cultural Forum
Faculty of Tourism & Hotels: Registration for Graduation Projects
3rd Seminar Series
NCY: Egyptian Stars Competition
Faculty of Agriculture to open outlets for products
Seminar on "Kosovo: Past, Present and Future"
FLDC offers training programs
Medicine Bank Initiative
Call for Tenders: Supplying Furniture for the Central Library
OEC: Notice for students
GERSS Spring Call for Application 2012/13
Fayoum Heritage Center to Celebrate Fayoum National Day
Language Instructors Needed
OEC: Classes to Start Friday
Free services for faculty members
Training Courses for Students
Courses for faculty and staff
3<sup>rd</sup> Seminar Series
Announcement Issued by Cairo University Staff Club
Event: Egyptian Universities' Students Tournament
AutoCAD Course
OEC: Mid-term Exam for Level 4 Students
Job openings at the University Hospital
2013 Bower Award: Call for Nominations
Scholarships for Doctoral Degrees under Joint Supervision
Seminar on Grants, Scholarships and Cultural Relations
Egyptian Universities' Students Tournament
RDI: Liaison Officer Needed
Courses Offered by ICT Training
2012 Mahathir Science Award
2012 International Prize of SAS
2012 Balzan Prizes
Center of Alumni Affairs needs director and deputy director
CIQAP: 7<sup>th</sup> Call for Proposals
HLAP: 6<sup>th</sup> Call for Proposals
1<sup>th</sup>Conference on Information Technology at Beni Suef University
ICTP: Exams are on Feb. 13
Tempus: Fifth Call for Proposals
Open Education: Academic Calendar of 2nd Semester
Ningbo University: Opportunity to learn Chinese
Appalachian State University: Exchange Mobility Program
Training Course in Writing a Successful Research Paper in English
WELCOME Scholarship Program
Tempus EduCamp: Personal Interviews for Candidates
Exchange Programs offered by the US Embassy
2012-2013 Near East and South Asia Undergraduate Exchange Program
Training courses for faculty and personnel
Conference on Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Trip to 2012 Cairo International Book Fair
Faculty of Agriculture: Employment Fair
Information Day on American Programs
Lecture on TQM for Healthcare Facilities
Trip to Sharm El-Shiekh in Winter 2012
Excursions during mid-year holiday
RCB: Job Opening
Fayoum University Website: Deputy Manager Required
DRCC offers courses in statistical analysis
Job Openings at DRCC
A must-attend event: 4th Commencement Ceremony
Hazem Abu Ismail to talk politics
Open Education Center: Job Interview for Deputy Director Vacancy
Reference letters for top graduates working for Fayoum
English Language Placement Test Results
Teaching Staff Vacancies
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition
Thinking skills program postponed
Photoshop Resit Exam next Monday
Seminar on “Watson Deep Question Answering System”
Mohammed Salim Al-Awa to talk politics
ELEMENT: Scholarships Program
Training courses for faculty and employees
Quran Memorization Contest
Hadith Memorization Competition
Interviews Dates for Applicants to DTMS Rescheduled
Job Openings: Deputy Manager
ToT courses for undergraduates and graduates
2nd Seminar Series
Launching Event of Famelab Egypt 2012
New Season of FameLab Egypt 2012
Fayoum University Experience Conference
The 2012-2013 Cairo Initiative Scholarships
Matlab Course
Courses on Computer Applications
10th Edition of the IDB Prizes for Science & Technology
Job Opening: Blind Computer Specialist
Top Motivational Speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky will conduct a training course
Personal Interviews for Applicants to DTMS
Adobe Photoshop Certification Exams Scheduled
Joint Missions and Scientific Scholarships
Computer science is a mandatory course for open education students
A Trip to Dream Park
Youth Train trips kick off
DAAD as Session Partner at WWEC 2011
QASP: Call for Proposals
Nomination Requirements for State Awards
Deadline for DTMS program extended
Computer Specialist Needed
Open Education Classes to Start Soon
Nominations Window for State Awards Opens
Candidates for executive secretary will be screened
Training Courses at the Faculty of Computers and Information
Appointment Procedures of Top Graduates
ICDL Certification Exams to Resume
Registration is open for Winter 2012 _DTMS Program
Executive Secretary Job
Free Training Courses offered by ICTP
Training courses for students
Ideal employee contest at the Faculty of Agriculture
List of students admitted to University Dorms released
Retired Officer Needed
TOT Course to Start on October 8
University Dorms invite applications
ToT Course to start on September 26
MIS needs three temps
Vacancy at the Advisory Centre for Agricultural Studies and Services
Credit Hours System Course Start Date Brought Forward
Executive Secretary Required
ToT Course for Faculty and Students
FLDC offers a range of courses
EndNote Course Postponed
EndNote Training Course
Soccer School opens doors for personnel's children
Personnel Sports League
Invitation to participate in elections of university leaders
MIS needs 8 temps
Proposal Writing Module for candidates aiming to apply for GERLS
ToT Training Course
Petitions invited for University Dorms
Ministry of Communications ends its contract with HP
Computer Specialist Required
Statement of Incentive Bonuses Distribution
Secretary-generals required for faculties
ParOwn call is now open
Invitation to Dr. Gunson's Workshop on Qualitative Research
Golden Opportunity to Fund Scientific Research
Applications invited for postgraduate programs
Training classes in SQL Server, Java
3D Studio MAX Training Course
African Union Kwame Nkrumah Regional Scientific Award 2011
UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowships Programme
Sunday's Exams Postponed
Second Trip to Sharm El Sheikh
University Sports Committee members can join Fayoum Club
QASPC offers training courses
Job Openings at ICT Training Project
7th Al-Kharafi Quran Memorization Competition Launched
Projects Manager Required
List of Honorees in Pathways Training Program
Hajj Committee invites applications for Hajj 2011
Weekly Workshops for Students' Projects
Lawyers Required
Vacancies for agriculture graduates
DAAD to Organize Two Proposal Writing Workshops
Soccer School opens doors for children
Summer activities to start June 1
QASP: Proposal Submission Deadline Extended
Personnel shortlisted for incentive allowance
Call for tenders for supplying foods
Job Openings at King Saud University
Call for Proposals of DIES Partnerships
Summer Excursion to Deauville Hotel
Spend your Summer Holiday in Alexandria
A tour to Naama Bay
Students Shortlisted for Summer 2011 _DTMS Program
ICT Training Courses to resume
ACTSAU Student Mobility Program
Female Trainer Required for the RCB
2012-2013 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
Fayoum University Cultural Club to honor its members
Call for Tenders
DAAD Information Session
Lab Assistant Required
Students' Activities Closing Ceremony
New Openings at the PMU
University's Best Presentation Competition
Training Workshops on International Databases
FFEEBB 2: Application Deadline Extended to May 13
TOT Preliminary Course Postponed
Registration for ICTP Courses Now Open
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition
Training Course at Digital Library Project
ARC GIS Course
Recreational Trips
Faculty of Engineering to organize a seminar on January 25 Revolution
Shortlist of Successful Security Guards
Entrepreneurs' Forum at Fayoum University
FLDC: All Courses Postponed
TOT Preliminary Course Rescheduled
University Football Team to Be Selected
Sports Games Competition
ICTP Information Days
Deputy Director Needed for the Central Printing House
Driver Needed Urgently
Personal interviews of security guards slated for April 9
FUC Issues Two Important Notices for ICDL Students
Registration for ICTP Courses Now Open
Filing Academic Petitions Is Now Open
Volunteers Required for RCB
TOT Preliminary Course Rescheduled
Call for Applications Now Open for FFEEBB2
Teacher's Cadre Tests on April 1
Cisco CCNA Certification Training Course
TOT Course
Security Guards Required
Postgraduate Studies Exams Rescheduled
Postponed Exams to Start at Faculty of Early Childhood Education
1st International Conference on Early Childhood Deferred
Egyptian Fulbright Missions Program (EFMP) invites applications
Golden Opportunity to spend an academic year in America
Faculty of Education postpones exams
Postgraduate Studies Exams Postponed
Faculty of Early Childhood Education to hold postponed exams
1st International Conference in Saudi Arabia
6th Faculty of Tourism & Hotels Conference Postponed
Center for Crisis Management needs Director
DTMS Course 2011Postponed
Candidacy for Research Ethics Committee Membership
Opportunities for Science Graduates
Qualified English Female Teacher
Vacancies at the Teaching Hotel
ICDL Course to start Saturday 12/2/2011
TOT Course date rescheduled
Open Education Exams Postponed
Applications open for Training University Students Program
Openings at ECPC, Faculty of Science
Trip to the Cairo International Book Fair
Lecture on "Biomarkers of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Application for Research"
Best Student in Using University E-mail
Faculty of Computers & Information: Wednesday Exams Postponed
Faculty of Engineering: Wednesday Exams Postponed
University Housing and Nutrition Services Department Needs Director-General
Laundry Technician needed
Job Openings at Faculty of Agriculture
Public Relations & Information Officer Needed
Students Enrolled in Winter 2011 _DTMS Program
Qualified Female Teachers Urgently Required
Invitations to Tenders
Seminar on “Graphene for Photothermal Energy Conversion and Novel Catalysis”
Workshop on "Research Proposals Preparation"
FLDC: Successful candidates to be interviewed January 8<sup>th</sup>
TOT Course Scheduled February 13-17, 2011
Faculty of Engineering: Resit Exams Postponed
Computer Specialist Needed
MIS releases list of successful candidates
Openings at Rehabilitation Center for the Blind
Mid-Year Exams Postponed
Faculty of Science: Call for Tender
Fayoum University presents a variety of symposia
FFEEBB 2 Call for Applications
NCY Head to Lecture at Fayoum University
1<sup>st</sup> International Forum for Scientific Research
ITI 8<sup>th</sup> International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (ICICT2010)
Registration now open for Oracle Database Course
ASAT 14th - 2nd_Call for papers
Eighth National TEMPUS Day & Projects Forum
Department of English Language and Translation6th International Conference
Intellectual Property Rights: Research and Application
Sport Management between Amateurship and Professionalism Symposium
FLDC announces matrix of specialized courses for university personnel
ICT Training: Top Examinees to be exempted from course fees
Examination for Absent Candidates for MIS Jobs
Vacancies at FLDC
FameLab Egypt Competition 2011
Exchange Opportunities for Undergraduate Students
Advanced Flow Cytometry Course
2011 SUSI-Students Exchange Programs
List of Candidates Selected for MIS Jobs
Annual Egyptian Conference on Applied Research
2011 L'Oreal-UNESCO Pan Arab Regional for Women in Science Fellowships
2011 FOCIS Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology
Cultural Diplomacy in Africa (CDA)
TOT Courses for Faculty at FLDC
A Lecture by National TEMPUS Coordinator
Application for 2010/2011 missions under the sixth five-year plan 2007- 2012
Neuroimmunology Workshop for Infectious Diseases
E-Course Production Center Seeks Educational Designer
Fayoum University Seeks Telecom Engineer
Job Openings at University Hospitals
International Symposium on Stem Cells
Registration now open for the ICDL Training Courses
Symposium on Life without Smoking
Opportunities to Study in USA
Job Opportunities at MIS Project
Registration for Project Management Training Program is Open
DRCC Launches Graduate Employability Program (GEP)
Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University Annual Congress 2011
Vacant Jobs at Network Infrastructure Project
CSEIT 2010 Call for Papers
MedicReS IC 2011 on Good Medical Research
Symposium on "6th October War ----- Unforgettable Memories"
ICT Training Project Seeks Manager
Training Courses at Nematology and Biotechnology Lab
ERCC needs engineers
Openings: Electrical Engineer & Telecom Engineer
Vacancies: Experienced Electrician & Electrical Supervisor
Call for Registration at QASPC Database
2011 SUSI for Scholars Program
2nd Proposal Writing Workshop on applying for GERLS
Computer Placement Test
Wiley Offers Free Packages of Books
GESP - Mobility Grant program for German Egyptian research teams
DTMS Winter 2011 Registration
Vacancies at E-Course Production Center
Experts in Training and Technical Support Required
Top students to be honored at a later date
Result of Students Enrolled in Pathways to Higher Education
Free Courses offered by ICT Training Project
Trainers Needed for ICT Training Project
Advanced Courses in Computer for Faculty and Personnel
Computer Placement Test
Director Needed for the Central Printing House
Apply for Postgraduate Studies
Top Achievers to be honored
Registration for ICDL Preparation Courses Begins
Interested in Photoshop?
Vacancy: director
Job Opening: Marketing Officer
Job Opening: Director
Application for University Housing
Computer Specialist Needed
Computer Placement Test Next Tuesday
ACIT 2010 University of Garyounis, Benghazi, Libya
Job Vacancy: Carpet Technician
Accepted Applicants for DTMS 2010
Invitation to Ordinary General Assembly of the Fayoum University Staff Club (FUSC)
Vacancies at Fayoum University
Announcement about ICT Training Programs
Call for Proposals under STDF
Job Opening: Civil Engineer
GERF's 2nd call for proposals
Job Vacancy: Postgraduate Studies Coordinator
Schedule of Examinations at ICT Training
Invitation to Ordinary General Assembly of the Fayoum University Staff Club (FUSC)
Course on Human Development and Postgraduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations Sector Enhancement
Vacancy announcement: Science Officer
Faculty of Early Childhood Kicks Off Eye Diseases Campaign
The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT 2010)
International Conference on "The East Mediterranean and Cyprus
Real-Time and Embedded Systems (RTES 2010)
Infocomm Technologies in Competitive Strategies (ICT 2010)
Schedule of Revisions and Examinations Conducted by ICT Training Project
A Course on "A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)" at ACTC
Important Announcement for Trainees at ICT Training Project
New Tenders at Fayoum University
The Integrated Training Program for Rehabilitation and Employment of University Graduates
A Course on "Self-Evaluation of Pre-University Education Institutions"
Accepted Candidates at DTMS Summer 2010
Job Openings: Elevator Technician
Courses to Resume at ICT Training Project
Application for the BA/CSSP Research Grants 2010 is now open
STDF-IRD Joint Innovative Projects Fund Call for proposals
Workshops at the D-Library Unit
Courses at the FUPMU HQ Temporarily Suspended
Training Courses for University Administrative Personnel at the Faculty of Science
Scientific Fellowship & Vacancies from Nature Jobs
A Symposium on "The Future of Key World Powers 2050" at Department of Sociology
The Grand Environmental Quiz on the Occasion of the World Environment Day 2010
Ningbo University Offers Two Scholarships in Chinese Language
Open Invitation to Meet Prof. Mohammad El-Khaleely Barakat
 A Symposium on "Drug Addiction: Symptoms and Treatment"
A seminar on "Technology and Future of Higher Education"
Naguib Mahfouz's Year
University Leadership and Management Training Course (UNILEAD) at the University of Oldenburg, Germany
Ibn Khaldoun and Léopold Sédar Senghor Translation Award in the Humanities (French to Arabic and Arabic to French) Session 2010
Invitation to Ordinary General Assembly of the Fayoum University Staff Club (FUSC)
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation
ICT Training Project to hold ceremony
Job Openings at Fayoum University Hospital: Physiotherapy Practitioner
A Course on Self-Evaluation of HEIs available at QASPC
The Matsumae International Foundation: 2011 Fellowship Program
Application for the Misasa International Student Intern Program 2010
Late Professor Naeem Mostafa Abu Taleb Award
Registration for the Development of Thinking and Managerial Skills (DTMS) Summer 2010 is Now Open
Would You Like to Partake in the First Literary Forum?
ICTTP launches new range of courses
Free Training Courses Offered by NAQAAE
Vacancies at E-Learning Center
Dr. Mohammad Mansour, CFS Head to Lecture at FU
Tenders and Bids at Fayoum University
E-Course Production Center needs Graphic Designers
A Workshop on "How to Use your University E-mail"
Job Openings: MIS Database Engineer
The Job Forum of the Faculty of Education's Alumni
A Training Course on CIQAP
Workshop on Digital Library and Agriculture
Prof. Abdel-Halim Nur el-Din to lecture at FU
Information Day on 2011-2012 Fulbright Programs
Workshop on " Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Mohammad Mansour, CFS Head to Lecture at FU
FU needs experienced photographer
CMS3 International Summer School
Admission to Postgraduate Studies at Faculty of Engineering is Now Open
2011-2012 Fulbright Programs
<font color="#800000">TOT Program offered by Microsoft</font>
STDF Innovation Grants
2nd TOEFL Test at the LTC
French INRA is recruiting 62 scientists
STDF Targeted Calls
ITIDA Invites proposals for ITAC Initiative
1st TOEFL Test at the LTC
Asafeer el-Jana Kindergarten Opens
Applicants Nominated for 3rd TOEFL Course
DTMS Training Courses for Winter 2010
Job Openings at Fayoum University's Information Center: Management Information Systems Database Administrator
ICDL Classes to start for successful applicants
Nominations for the 2010 Pfizer Award are now open
2010 Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Student Leaders Program
Seminar on " Procedures of Item Bank Building"
English Placement Test for 3rd TOEFL Course scheduled
New Postgraduate Programs Available at Faculty of Medicine
A Lecture on "Research Projects and Youth Scholarships"
ICDL Classes to Start
The LTC Launches a New Batch of Courses
Workshop "How to write a TEMPUS proposal"
2009 L'Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Fellowships
2010 SUSI for Scholars program
An Invitation to a Lecture on "Research Projects: Challenges and Opportunities"
Schedule for Intensive TOEFL Prep. Courses
English Placement Test for TOEFL Preparation Courses
2nd Egyptian University Girls Week
Job Openings at E-Learning Center
IIASA Job Openings… Research Scholar
English Placement Test for TOEFL Preparation Courses
2010 ICGEB Calls for Proposals
2010 ICGEB Meetings and Courses
Recreational Trip to Al-Azhar Park and Geroland Amusement Park
ICDL Courses Now Available
European Scholarships for the Faculty
DTMS Training Course for Winter 2010
Ford Foundation Delegation to Visit Fayoum University
Ways to Disseminate Knowledge and Culture in Arabic and Armenian Literature in a Lecture at the BA
First Meeting of CIQAP at Faculty of Science
Calls for EMUNI University Projects
30th Conference of the Arab Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (Arab ACRAO)
E-Government Unit Launched
Invitation to attend a workshop on D-Library
IIASA Job Openings… Postdoctoral Research Scholar
2010 Young Scientists Summer Program
Symposium on "Extraordinary Heroes"
ICDL Trainers Needed
Secretaries needed for FU Projects
Scholarships for foreign students in Slovak Republic – 2009
The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF)
Chevening Scholarship
Courses for External Reviewers for Educational Institutions
Study to Start at OEC Friday, Oct.16
German Egyptian Research Long-Term Scholarship 2010/2011 (GERLS)
QNRF Opens 3rd NPRP Cycle to Applicants
Proposal for the Deputation of Scientists under the Agreement of Scientific Cooperation between ASRT and DFG
Vacancies at ICT Training Secretariat
IIASA Job Openings
American Competitive Scholarship Program
Training Courses on SPSS
Interview schedules for transfer students at Faculty of Tourism and Hotels
Study to Start at Department of Ecotourism
Center for Training & Preparation of External Reviewers
Paying Tuitions in Person to Banque Misr
The German Egyptian Scientific Projects
The German Egyptian Research Short Term Scholarship
GERSS - German-Egyptian Research Short term Scholarship
MEPI Civic Education and Leadership Fellowship Announcement
FP7 calls for proposals
Interviews for fresh students of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels
Registration for Postgraduate Studies at Faculty of Engineering
Apply for University Housing
Honoring Top Achieving Students
Interviews for joining Tourist Guidance Dept.
JSPS RONPAKU (Dissertation PhD) Program for FY 2010
The 1st Mass Meeting for People with Special Needs
Director of Quality Assurance Unit Required
Aptitude Tests in Art for General Secondary School Students
German Egyptian Research Long-term Scholarship
Director of ICT Training Center Required
Oxford University Press
Registration for Open Education
Day Trips, summer 2009
2009 Academic Summer Camps
Summer Club kicks off its activities
Workshop on Proposal Writing
Information Technology Academic Collaboration (ITAC)
Training Courses at the Central Lab of Faculty of Science
Egypt-France Scientific and Technological Cooperation Program “IMHOTEP”
A director and 2 supervisors for a new kindergarten
Landmines in Egypt….Problem and Solutions
Training for Young Investigators from Countries with Limited Resources
Towards A knowledge-Based Economy
Excellent opportunities for the best five students
A Seminar on" Bee Products: Food and Medication"
2nd IAP Conference for young scientists – 2009
RDI scheme 2 Call for Proposals
Workshops on Proposal Writing for TEMPUS Projects
Training courses for QAAP External Reviewers
Fulbright Grants for Egyptians
1st Training Course on "Improving the Skills of Librarians"
Training Courses at Faculty of Social Work
Trips during mid-year holiday
Computer Graphic Designers Needed
Mechanisms of Tempus IV for Modernization of Higher Education
RDI to Provide Grants
Call for Applications for 4 American exchange opportunities
Scholarships available in Spain
ICDL Course Schedule
A Workshop on "Proposal Writing for FP7 International Funding"
FP7 Information Day
A Lecture on "Credit Hour System in Education"
Coordinator of Protocol between Fayoum University and EJB
IIASA's 2009 Postdoctoral Program
IIASA's Young Scientists Summer Program
Impact Assessment Team of HEEP to be Selected
Vacancies at Fayoum University
ICDL Coordinator Required
Workshop on "How To Use The D-Library"
E-Learning Culture ……The Present and The Future
FICCI Higher Education Summit 2008
Symposia to be held at Department of Home Economics
German Egyptian Research Long-term Scholarships to the Federal Republic of Germany (GERLS)
The German Egyptian Research Short term Scholarship (GERSS)
Vacancy for a Vice Manager of CSEDC
Pathways to interview applicants
Do you aspire to be the first environmental tour guide in Egypt?
Final Result of the Central Library Design Contest Announced
Egypt, Spain cooperation program for the years 2008/2009
Vacancy for an Academic Director of Education Enhancement Centre
Presidential U.S. Elections Quiz/Competition
Vacany for director of the FLDP
British Chevening Scholarships 2009/2010
Reserveration in E-Content Courses
Vacancy for a Vice Manager of CSEDC
Application procedures for academic positions in Fayoum Univ.:faculty dean, vice dean, department head
Strategic Planning Experts Required
EAS Starts Experts Registration in its Database
EAS Offers Science Scholarships and Grants for Graduate Students
Agricultural Advisory Center requires a manager and a vice-manager
Fayoum University to Train Peer Reviewers for the Egyptian Universities
Vacancy for a Supervisor over the Printing House
Training Courses at CSEDC
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