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Prof. Ahmed Hosny Ibrahim Appointed as Advisor to University President for Students Activities
A Seminar about Fulbright Commission
Dr. Mohamed Younes Appointed as Supervisor of International Cooperation Office
The Use and Activation of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB)
The Council of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations Holds Its 142nd Meeting
The Launch of the Environmental Week at the Faculty of Computers and Information
A Workshop on Smart Networks and Energy Management Systems at Fayoum University
A Workshop on Electronic Collection at Fayoum University
Fayoum University WinsSecond Place in Ibda'a 7 competition
11th Conference of the Egyptian Federation of Pharmacy Students
The Education and Student Affairs Council Convenes
Postgraduate Studies Council Approves the Registration of 19 Master's and 38 Ph.D. Degrees
Open Education Center Board Holds a Meeting
Fayoum University Organizes a Medical Convoy at Snofar Village
A Workshop on the EU Program "Erasmus" at Fayoum University
Fayoum University Students' Union Celebrates the New Year 2019
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