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Department of Pediatric
The Pediatric Nursing Department is one of the important scientific departments, which is keen to provide quality education through student support information based on scientific evidence, intellectual and practical skills behavioral aspects in the field of pediatric nursing, which enables students to provide high quality nursing care for children during the different stages of life. The department seeks to achieve these objectives by taking advantage of the presence of an elite group of faculty members with the highest Degrees nationally and internationally with a highly efficient working with team spirit. The most important characteristic of this team is the spirit of harmony, love and cooperation, where they work very hard in order to help the students and encourage them to dialogue and openness to different cultures to improve the educational level of a university which reflects on their professional performance in the workplace. Through continuous and outstanding hard work, the department hopes to be the first Arab Nursing Department which gets international accreditation. In conclusion, we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for all faculty members and their assistants in Pediatric Nursing Department and everyone who works sincerely for the Faculty of Nursing, Fayoum University. We ask Allah to guide us to what is good for the benefit of our dear children.
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