Erasmus Mundus Sholarships
DYCLAM is pleased to announce that it invites nominations for Master Erasmus Mundus (JMD DYCLAM) degree in Cultural Landscape programs from one of the following universities:
Indian Scholarship Program
The Indian Centre for Cultural Relations is pleased to announce that it invites applications for its scholarships program for the academic year 2016-2017.
Francophone Scholarship Programs
The Francophone Agency is pleased to announce that it offers the following Scholarship Programs:
UNESCO scholarship programs
The UNESCO jointly with the Industrial Russian Company (phos agro) offers Research grants for prominent projects and scientific innovation in green chemistry. About $ 30,000 will be awarded to the research projects carried out by innovative young scientists within one year maximum.
Marie Curie Actions
Marie Curie Actions Program invites researchers to apply for one of the following research grants: 
Sapienza University offers scholarships
Fayoum University announces that Sapienza University in Italy offers scholarships for (Bsc-MA-PHD) students within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed by the two universities.
(BIMoS) offers PhD fellowships
Berlin International Graduate School in Model and Simulation based Research (BIMoS) offers PhD fellowships for outstanding students holding a master’s degree.

Scholarships Archives  

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