*Council of Department of Rhetoric and Criticism holds monthly meeting      *3rd National Workshop on Master Degree Program in Biotechnology      *Cooperation Agreement between Institute for Research and Strategic Studies and Alexandria's Faculty of Commerce      *University President Attends 48th Session of Association of Arab Universities (AARU)      *Final list of candidates for "dean" post released
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al-Kadi Prof.Dr. Berry AbdelGhani Sabra
Prof. Dr. Abd El-Naby Ibrahim Essawy Saleh Prof.Dr.Samir Moustafa Hasan El-Medani
Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Abdel Salam Maklof Prof.Dr. Mamdouh Ahmed Mohamed Taha
Prof. Dr. Hadeer Mohamed Mohamed Bakir Prof. Dr. Hassan Abdel Hai Mohamed
Prof. Dr.Nagwa Burham Burham Prof. Dr. Fatehia Korany Mohammed Taher
Prof. Dr. Nadia Helal Yahia Helal Prof. Dr. Soha Mohamed Hamdy
Dr. Ayman Mohamed Salah Youssef Prof. Dr. Alaa Eldin Abdel Aziz
  Assistant Professor
Dr. Abeer Said Ibrahim Dr. Saleh Abdel Alim Mohamed
Dr. Ramadan Moawed Abdel Motalib Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Rabeey
Dr. Gamal Hassan Tammam Dr. Hesham Alsayed Elfki
Dr.Adel Mohamed Abdel Gawad Dr. Amr Abd El-Naby Essawy
Dr. Ehab Ali El-Kady Dr. Wael Abdel Gaid Arafa
Dr. Rania Gaber Mohamed Khalil Dr. Sami Mohammed Abdel Azeem
Dr. Hamada Mohamed Ibrahim Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Fath Alla Khattab
Dr. Mohamed Goma Ali Badry Dr. Ghada Mohamed Ahmed
Dr. sahar sayed atrees bayomy Dr. Nady Hashem Mahmoud
Dr.Ibrahim Essam El Din Ibrahim Ahmed Dr. Sayed Riyad Abd El-hafeaz
Dr. Mosaad Ragab Awad Dr. Amany Mohamed Shaban
Dr. Ola Nabil Sayed Dr . Saher Mohamed Soliman Khatip
Dr. Asmaa Kamal Kamel Dr. Zeinab Ramadan Farag
  Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Amira Husni Fathi Mr. Hosam Ali Said
Mr. Mohamed Rashad Mohamed Ms. Sara Mohamed Abo Khalaf
Ms. Zeinab Mohamed Abdel Wahab Hassan Ms. Hassnaa Hussein Abdel-Halim
Ms.Fatma Mahmoud Semida Elantabli Ms. Heba El-Sayed Goda Ali
Mr. Alaa Ropy Mahmoud Sayed Osman  
Mr. Hussein Abdel-Azim Youns Ms. Manal Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed
Ms. Samar Magdy Sayed Mahmoud Ms.Shimaa Rabie Mohammed Mohammed
Ms. Mervat Megahed El-Sayed Mr. Mahmoud Sayed Korani
Ms. Basma Mohammed Mouawad
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