Fayoum University Council

Prof.Dr. Ashraf Abd El- Hafiez Rahil Acting President
Prof.Dr. Gamal Samy Fayoum governor
Prof.Dr. Saad Nassar The former governor of Fayoum
 Prof. Dr. Abdel Hammed Abdel Tawab Sabry Former President of Fayoum University
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Eesa Sayed Vice President, Postgraduate Studies & Research
Prof.Dr. Khaled Mohamed Atalla Vice President, Education and Students
Prof.Dr. Ashraf Abd El- Hafiez Rahil Vice President,Community Service and Environment Developmen
Prof. Nabila Mohamed Hassan  Dean, Faculty of Computers & Information
Prof. Abdel-Hamed Hussien Mahmoud Hamoda Dean, Faculty of Arts
Prof.Dr. Mona Abdel el-tawab El- Khashab Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Farouk Ali Dean, Faculty of Education
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Eesa Sayed Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Prof.Dr.Atef Mansour Mohammad Ramadan Dean, Faculty of Archaeology
 Prof.Dr.Hanaa Abdel Kader Sayed Faied Dean, Faculty of Tourism & Hotels
 Prof.Dr. Emam Mohamed Abd El-Fatah Dean, Faculty of Dar Al Uloom
Prof.Dr. Khaled Ahmed Emam AlKhashab Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Den Abdel Aziz Dean, Faculty of Social Work
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Abdel Salam Acting Dean, Faculty of Science
Prof.Adly Saadawy Tolba Khaleed Dean,institute for research and strategic studies of Nile Basin countries
Prof.Dr. Safaa Ahmed Mohammad Mohammad Dean, Faculty of EarlyChildhoodEducation
  Acting Dean, Faculty of Specific Education
Prof. Talal Ahmed Abdel- Raheem Acting Dean, Faculty of Nursing
Prof.Dr. Mohsen Hussein Abielhassan Acting Dean, Faculty of ODMedicine
   Fayoum University Secretary-General