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*Fayoum University Leaders Welcome Egyptian University Girls           *Early Childhood Education Obtains a Competitive Project for Distinguished Higher Education Institutions           *Cooperation Agreement between Fayoum University and the Arab Women Investors Union      *University President Attends the Supreme Council of Universities Meeting at Aswan University      *Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid Visits the High Dam in Aswan     
Institute Establishment
* The confirmation of the supreme council of the university; session No.52/ 30th June 2010.

* The confirmation of the supreme council of universities; session No. 550/ 26th February 2011.

* The confirmation of SCAF no. 104 / 2011.

* The confirmation of the committee of the sector April 28th 2012.

* The resolution of the Prime Minister No. 628/ 2013.


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