Timetable for nominationof Dean of the faculty of Engineering Fayoum University
Applying for the job of Dean of the faculty of Engineering will begin from Tuesday 12/12/2017 .The application will be at the office of Pro.Dr. President of the university the head of the committee from 10:00am to 3:00pm according to the following table:
- Applying for the job (12 / 12- 2017/12/19 except Friday)
- Examination of applications for progress and declaration of preliminary list of applicants (12/20 -2017/12/21)
- Received appeals (12/23 -2017/12/24)
- Announcement of the final list (2017/12/26)
Conditions for applying for the job:
- The applicant should be from professors of the university and be a working professor at the college once he nominated for the Deanship.
- Should not have been sentenced to a criminal penalty in one of the crimes stipulated in the penal cvbode or similar crimes in the special laws or a penalty restricting freedom in an offense against honor or trust.
- He has not signed a disciplinary sanction unless he has been canceled or withdrawn by the competent authority.
- The applicant has not previously filled a two-year post.
- The applicant shall not hold any party post at the time of candidacy and the length of his tenure.
Required Documents:
- Application for the name of Mr. / head of the Committee.
- An official statement issued by the specialist college.
- Number (6) copies of the curriculum vitae of the applicant and the supporting documents.
- Number (6) copies of the applicant’s work plan, indicating shortcomings and ways of reform and development proposals.
- Compact CD with development plan and resume.
- Obligation to apply all documents required by the Committee.

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