Opening the annual charity exhibition in the university
Pro.Dr. Khalid Ismail Hamza, President of Fayoum University with Pro.Dr. Mohammed Abdl El Wahab, vice president for students and education affairs,Prof. Dr. Mohamed Issa, vice president for graduate studies and research, opened the second annual charity exhibition in the university that organized by the public management of youth welfare in cooperated with life makers association on Wednesday morning 13/12/2017 at the central library in the university in presence of Pro.Dr.Khalid Ata Allah , advisor of the university president for students activities and crisis,DrWaealeTobar the general coordinator for students activities, Mr. HeshamEwiss the general secretary of the university and Mr. HeshamRagab the general manager of youth welfare.
The President of the University and the deputies reviewed the sections of the exhibition, which included a number of different products of men and women's clothing and some furnishings and household items.
The exhibition will last for two days, the first day dedicated to students and the second dedicated to university employees.

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