Fayoum University celebrate the day of distinction
Pro.Dr. Khalid Ismail Hamza, President of Fayoum Universitywith Pro.Dr. Mohammed Abdl El Wahab, vice president for students and education affairs,Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Hafiz Rahil, vice president for community service and environmental development,Prof. Dr. Mohamed Issa, vice president for graduate studies and research witnessed the events of Fayoum University celebrate the day of distinction on Sunday 17/12/2017 at the big hall of ceremonies in the university in presence of Deans and agents of faculties , members of the faculties and students.Pro.Dr. Khalid Hamza consider this day is one of importance days of the university as it celebrate the day of distinction and scientific and academic success to honor the winners of the Fayoum University Prize in a number of fields including patents, international scientific publishing, the university's encouragement prize in scientific writing and translation, promotion to the rank of professor and assistant professor in addition to awarding the Fayoum University prize for masters and Ph.D. and employees of the university are awarded management excellence prize.Also he confirm that the university management always seeks to university development to be able to competition on the local and international too. The first step for the university is to solve the problem of the investment land of the university in the new city of Fayoum, which is about 185 acres. It will take part of it toestablish the first sports of Fayoum University. In addition, he announced that he would organize a meeting with faculty members to identify their problems and resolve.

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