President of the university witness the election of the head of student’s union and his vice in the university
Pro.Dr. Khalid Ismail Hamza, President of Fayoum University witnessed the last stage of the elections of the head of student’s union and his vice in the university that organized by the general management for youth welfare on Sunday morning 17/12/2017 at the hall of Dr.saadNasar in presence of Pro.Dr. Mohammed Abdl El Wahab, vice president for students and education affairs and the head of the committee of elections and numbers of the Deans and agents of the faculties. The supervisor committee of the elections consists of Pro.Dr.Khalid Ata Allah, advisor of the university president for students’ activities and crisis,DrWaealeTobar the general coordinator for students’ activitiesandDr.MahmoudAbdAlmoumen assistant professor in the faculty of rights in the university.
In his speech, Pro.Dr. Khalid Hamza confirm that students’ union in the university help the university to achieve its different tasks pointed for it will be cooperation withstudents’ union in the university to achieve numbers of aims that serves students and the university.
Student /Ahmed Khalid Ahmed in the fourth group of faculty of engineering won the head of the students’ union in the university and student/MonekaAteefSedky in the third group of faculty of hotels and tourism won vice of thestudents’ union in the university.

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