Selection of theBest Scientific Research at Fayoum University
Prof. Mohamed Essa, Vice President of Fayoum University for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, met with the responsible committee for the selection of the best scientific research thesis from the Masters and PhD degrees on Monday, 5/11/2018.
Prof. Mohamed Essa said that the committee is headed by Prof. Mohamed El-Khalili Barakat Former VicePresident for postgraduate Studies and Research and with the membership of Prof. Magdy Tawfek Hanna, the Former Vice President for postgraduate Studies and Research, and Prof. Mohamed Saeed Abo Al-Ghar, Vice Dean of Faculty of Science for Postgraduate Studies and Research. The meeting was attended alsoby Prof. Nevien Al-Sawah, Acting Dean of Faculty of Agriculture.
There are five scientific researchesthat have been presented to be awarded the prize. Three out of them are Master researchesand rest two are PhDs. Fayoum University Prizes will begranted in the next scientific day festival for the best master thesis, and for the best PhD thesis from all the scientific disciplines.
The applicant must have good reputation. He should be a cooperative member in his college.In addition to being active during handling the work assigned to him.He shouldn't haveany previous sanctions.
Moreover,theresearch study shouldhave apractical importance that contributesto solving a scientific problem. The award will be given to the academic staff and their assistants (assistants and assistant lecturers) and the postgraduate students who registered from abroad at Fayoum University.

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