Decisions of Fayoum University Council No.154
Prof. Ashraf Abd El-Hafeez, Acting President of Fayoum University, said that the University Council issued a number of decisions in its session No. (154), including the following:
• The establishment of "Human Resources Development Center" which is concerned with raising the efficiency of the university staff by training and qualifying them to raise the level of administrative performance in order toprovide services for students, as well as the ability to deal with problems and complaints that disturbwork. The center is concerned also with development of disciplines that are related to employees.
• Raising the value of the monthly treatment for all faculty members and employees of the university from 400 EGP to 600 EGP monthly.
• The establishment of "Department of Information Technology" in Faculty of Computers and Information. It will be added for the current three departments which are Computer Science, Information Systems and Basic Sciences.
• The Board approved the appointment as an Associate Professor forboth of Dr. Aliaa Ibrahim Mahrousat Faculty of Dentistry and Dr. Soha Hassan Sayed at Faculty of Medicine.Additionally, they approved theappointment as a Lecturer for each of Dr. MahaSeif El-Din at Faculty of Specific Education, Dr. Fatma Mohamed Hassanat the Faculty of Specific Education and Dr. Hanan Abd Allah Mohamed at the Faculty of Nursing.
• The Council also approved granting the scientific title of professor for Prof. Mohamed DiabGhazawi at Faculty of Arts.

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