Minister of Higher Education Chairs the Supreme Council of Universities Monthly Meeting
The Supreme Council of Universities held its monthly meeting on Saturday 19/10/2019 under the chairmanship of Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and in presence of Prof. Mohamed Latif, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Universities, and presidents of universities and leaders of the Ministry of Higher Education at the headquarters of the Council at Cairo University.
At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister praised the activities, events and presentations organized by Egyptian universities to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the glorious October victories.
In the framework of the implementation of the assignments of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to circulate electronic examinations in Egyptian universities, Prof. Khalid Abdul Ghaffar stressed on the need to complete the preparation of technological infrastructure in universities to qualify the faculties of the health sector to disseminate electronic examinations in the health sector in all universities, and train faculty members, and update educational programs in accordance with the system of electronic examinations, directed to form a committee to follow up the modernization of technological infrastructure in all universities to ensure qalifying them to conduct electronic exams in the faculties of the health sector in a way that contributes to the successful application of the system during the current academic year.
The Minister also instructed the training of a working group in each faculty of the health sector at the level of Egyptian universities to prepare electronic exams and submit a periodic report on the level of progress, provided that a report on the role of each university in making progress in this regard.
The minister also directed to submit periodic reports from each university on the activities, events and field visits that confirm the sense and national belonging of university youth.
The minister stressed the need for scientific researches submitted to the promotion committees in various disciplines in line with the national strategy for scientific research and the actual needs of the state, directing the Vice-Presidents of universities for higher studies to hold periodic meetings with the deans of faculties of postgraduate studies and research to confirm the compatibility of scientific research agenda in the disciplines Scientific research with the sustainable development plan (Vision 2030 Egypt), and taking into account the modernization of scientific research programs in Egyptian universities in line with the needs of the State and the needs of development in all fields
- The Council approved in principle the proposal of the President of Suez Canal University to establish Ismailia National University, provided that a complete file is submitted to the committee to examine the establishment of private and national universities to take the necessary measures.
-The Council approved the proposal of the unified financial regulations for the care of international students in Egyptian universities.
- -The Council approved a draft law to add a new article No. (141 bis) to the Law of University Regulation No. 49 for the year 1972 and provides (taking into account the provisions relating to the competent authority on appointment, mechanisms, conditions and trade-off criteria necessary to fill the positions of demonstrators and teaching assistants contained in this law, the filling of these positions temporary employment contracts for a period of three years, renewable by a decision of the University Council after taking the opinion of the competent faculty council, and once the teaching assistant has obtained a master's degree or its equivalent during the validity of the contract, a contract is signed with him to fill the position of teaching assistant, and in all cases is required to conclude or renew to hold the controls and requirements issued by a decision of the Supreme Council of Universities) are met, that this Article should be applied the next academic year 2020/2021.
-The Council instructed the universities to take the necessary mechanisms to reconcile the conditions of the assisting body of the teaching staff exceeding the legal periods for them to obtain the degrees of master's and doctoral degrees, in the light of the controls and legal rules prescribed in this regard.
- The Council directed the need to pay attention to the various faculties in universities to prepare well to obtain a certificate of quality assurance and accreditation during the coming period, and to provide periodic reports in this regard.
- The Council agreed to exempt the sons of the martyrs, victims, missing and injured of the military, terrorist and security operations from study expenses by providing scholarships to them in various Egyptian universities, based on official letters sent by the concerned authorities in the State.
- The Council approved the organization of Fayoum University for the week of Egyptian university girls during the first week of the half-year vacation under the supervision of the Ministries of Higher Education, Youth and Sports.
On the sidelines of the meeting, representatives of one of the specialized companies in the field of interactive screens in Egypt gave a presentation on the advantages of these screens for Egyptian universities, which include achieving an integrated interactive environment linking professor and student to meet the needs of the student in facilitating understanding and awareness of scientific information, in addition to the use of social networking sites in the context of realizing the electronic system in Egyptian universities.

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