Graduate Studies and Research Council Held Its Monthly Meeting No. 150
Under the chairmanship of Prof. Mohamed Essa, Vice President of Fayoum University for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, the Council of Graduate Studies and Research (No. 150) was held on Sunday, 20/10/2019.
The meeting discussed and reviewed a number of topics, including a training program to identify the steps to apply for the impact factor reports and quote examination for the purposes of promotion of faculty members in cooperation between the graduate sector `` Digital Library '' and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank during November 2019. In addition to discussing the invitation of Nile University for Information Technology Faculty members to attend the 29th session of the International Conference on Technology Management, organized by the International Association for Technology Management.
As well as reviewing a letter from the Central Department for International Student Affairs stating that the Department is responsible for nominating and responsible for enrolling international students for grants, whether the executive program grants between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provided to students of all nationalities.
The Council was also informed of the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities to reduce the fees for studying master's, doctorate, diplomas and postgraduate studies in public universities in the fields of archeology and museums.
A memorandum was presented on the formation of a specialized committee to start the construction of two databases for postgraduate studies and another for cultural relations postgraduate sector to be linked to the departments of faculties.
A report was also presented on the list of postgraduate diploma specialized in school nutrition at Faculty of Specific Education.
During the meeting, 33 master's degrees and 14 doctoral theses were approved.

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