Dr. Mohamed Attia wins the State Incentive Award in Science
  Dr. Mohamed Attia, a lecturer at the Faculty of Science, was awarded the State Incentive Award in Physical Science for the year 2013, according to the Ministry of Scientific Research. He got this prestigious award after submitting five research papers, one of which is published in Science Magazine, one of the world's top scientific journals.   It is noteworthy that Dr. Mohamed Attia was born in Al-Gharak Village, a village in Itsa , Fayoum. He graduated from Fayoum University with a BSc in Science in 2001, followed by a Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics from Fayoum University in 2007. He also participated in the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment (CMS) at European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland in 2010, making the first official Egyptian presence at this experiment.   Furthermore, he got his Ph Degree from Fayoum University and Antwerp University, Belgium. Currently, he is on a six-month scientific mission which is going to end next month.

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