Opening Candidacy for the Position of Faculty of Medicine's Dean

Fayoum University announces about opening of the candidacy for the position of Faculty of Medicine's Dean at Fayoum University, according to the dates and conditions described below:
Dates: -
- Applying for the position is :(from Saturday 26th January to Thursday 8th February 2019 except Fridays)
- Applications for the submission of the preliminary list of applicants will be checked on Sunday 10th February 2019.
- Receiving appeals during the period from February 11, 2019 to Wednesday, February 13 (three days(
- Announcement of the final list on Sunday, February 17, 2019.
- Announcing schedule for applying development plans on Monday 18th February.
Conditions for applying for the position:
1. Candidate must be a working professor in the faculty and the university.
2. He shouldn't have been sentenced to a criminal penalty in any of the crimes stipulated in the Penal Code or similar offenses in the special laws or a penalty restricting freedom in an offense against honor or trust.
3. The candidate shouldn't be in any party position at the time of candidacy.
Required Documents:
1. Application for Prof. Mohammed Essa Sayed Ahmed Vice President of the university and Chairman of the Committee.
2. An official statement issued, signed, and accredited by the faculty.
3. (6) Indexed copies of the candidate's curriculum vitae and supporting documents.
4. (6) Indexed copies of the candidate's work plan indicating the shortcomings and methods of reform and proposals for development.
5. CD-ROM of the development plan and CV.
6. Commitment to submit all documents requested by the Committee.