"A Seminar Entitled: "Egypt's Role in Fighting Corruption

Prof. Ashraf Abd El-Hafeez, Acting President of Fayoum University, accompanied by Brigadier Mohamed Farouk, President of the Fayoum Administrative Control Authority, Mrs. Laila Kassem, Rapporteur of the National Council for Women in Fayoum, a number of university professors and students, discussed the role of Egypt in fighting and combating corruption and the role of women in this regard. The seminar was organized in cooperation with the General Administration of community service sector and the unit against harassment and violence against women at Fayoum University in presence of many deans, faculty members and employees of the university and members of the National Council for Women on Monday, March 11, at the Central Library.
Prof. Ashraf Abd El-Hafeez said that Egyptian women provide wonderful social roles since ancient times, which is the cornerstone of every family. He stressed the fruitful cooperation between the university and the National Council for Women in organizing many events that raise awareness about women's issues.
Moreover, he praised the great role played by the Administrative Control Authority in uncovering many corruption cases recently.
Brigadier Mohamed Farouk stressed in his speech the role of the National Council for Women and welcomed cooperation with them in all matters related to women's issues. He also stressed that the Egyptian state supports Egyptian women to be able to have leadership positions in our society.
Additionally, He talked about the role played by the Administrative Control Authority through the detection of corruption and the implementation of the President's instructions and study how to benefit from the resources of the State and good use and information about the candidates nominated to assume leadership positions in the State.
Brigadier General Mohamed Farouk listened to the questions of the attendees and responded to them.
Mrs. Laila Kassem said that Fayoum University has always provided support to the council by hosting all activities within the university and cooperating in organizing several awareness convoys in the villages of the governorate. She stressed the Council's support for all issues of women.