Fayoum University Hosts the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s Delegation

Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of the University, hosted in his office today the delegation entrusted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to conduct an evaluation study of the Egyptian public and private universities with regard to the activities of universities in various fields, the most important are digital transformation, the development of slums and preparing to start the new academic year 2019/2020.
The delegation included Colonel Tamer Abu Bakr, Representative of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, Representative of the Administrative Control Authority in Fayoum, Prof. Hesham El-Bermalji, Former Dean of Faculty of Urban Planning, Cairo University, Dr. Walid Mahmoud, Professor at Faculty of Computers and Information, Beni Suef University. Mrs. Samar El Sayed, and Mrs. Salma Emara Representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education.
The meeting was attended by Vice-Presidents, Deans, Vice-Deans, Advisors and Public Relations.
The meeting began with a presentation about the university and its financial and human potential and its most important strengths.
This was followed by an open dialogue between the members of the Committee and representatives of the University on the development that took place at the University and the services provided to students, researchers and the outside community.
After that, the committee moved to field visits to specific places in the university, starting with visiting the university dormitories for male students, then moving to see the modern student laboratories at Faculty of Science and then the study halls at Faculty of Computers and Information. The committee then moved to visit the university dormitories for female students outside the campus. The Committee then visited the village of Dessia where one of the team members visited Dessia village to follow up the community service activities implemented by the university at all levels, both health, agricultural and social.
At the end, the committee held a closed meeting to write the final report followed by a meeting with university officials.
The Committee commended the recent achievements of the University in all levels, whether on education, research or community.