Cooperation Agreement between Fayoum University and the Arab Women Investors Union

Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University and Mrs. Hoda Yassin, President of Arab Women Investors Union, signed a cooperation agreement between Fayoum University and Arab Women Investors Union, in presence of a number of deans, advisors to the President of the University and the Acting Secretary-General of the University, on Sunday 19/1/2020.
The delegation of the Arab Women Investors Union included Mrs. Nahed Emam, Media Advisor of the Union, Mr. Hussein Abdel-Aall Hussein, Advisor to the union, Prof. Magdy Fanous, Executive Director of the union, Mr. Nagy Bahaa El-din, and Mrs. Nagwa Saif Al-Nasr, members of the Union and Mrs. Hoda Fouad, one of the businesswomen.
Prof. Ahmed Gaber stated that the agreement aims to activate and implement a number of programs to support youth, women and girls and achieve sustainable development between the Arab Women Investors Union and Fayoum University with all its faculties, institutes and centers of a special nature as a future plan to be implemented. This cooperation will contribute to a qualitative leap in development programs in the governorate Fayoum in general and also the establishment of faculties of a special nature that work to graduate qualified cadres that contribute to the renaissance of the Egypt.
He added that the cooperation agreement includes the participation of the two parties in setting up bi-annual charitable exhibitions for the benefit of university students, as well as effective participation with faculties of tourism and agriculture and faculties of the medical sector in order to support tourism programs and prepare training programs with a view to preparing cadres for the labor market.
While Mrs. Hoda Yassin emphasized that the cooperation agreement contributes to benefiting from the expertise of the academic faculty members in the field of agricultural reclamation and animal production, as well as benefiting from the experiences of faculties of the medical sector and university hospitals in implementing medical convoys for villages, as well as benefiting from the expertise of faculty members in faculties of education and engineering in programs Literacy, adult education, technical and scientific support, and engineering consulting.