Early Childhood Education Obtains a Competitive Project for Distinguished Higher Education Institutions

Within the framework of Fayoum University’s plan to develop academic programs and introduce new high-quality programs commensurate with the national development plan and the vision of political leadership for sustainable development 2030 by qualifying university graduates to serve the local community and develop their skills in accordance with the requirements of the labor market,faculty of Early Childhood Education at Fayoum University obtained the competitive project for the distinguished higher education institutions represented in the Development Projects Management Unit (Excellence Support Department) at the Ministry of Higher Education under the title "Developing professional skills for female students at the Faculty of Early Childhood Education".

Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University, held on Monday 20/1/2020 a meeting with representatives of the project for developing professional skills for female students at the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood headed by Prof. Safaa Ahmed Mohamed Dean of the Faculty and in presence of Prof. Ekram Ali Megawer, Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Prof. Ebtisam Mohammad Abd Allah, Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs and a number of Academic members and administrators from the college.

Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid stated that the project aims to develop the skills of students at Faculty of Early Childhood Education at Fayoum University to better deal with the stages of child development and problems, modify its behavior and social integration, and support mothers and their rehabilitation to accommodate children with special abilities besides learning theories, communication and modern trends in the field Kindergarten, psychology, mental health, developing skills and language and music for female teachers and to serve the educational and external community.

Besides, he indicated that 8 new laboratories will be established and equipped, including 4 laboratories for those with special abilities, as well as a psychology laboratory and another for mental health through which students are qualified to perform IQ tests, psychological standards, family counseling and behavior modification, in addition to a language lab for teaching language sciences for students to develop the skills of female graduates in the English language, along with a laboratory for musical enlightenment, to qualify female graduates with a degree of assimilation with a technical sense to bridge the big gap in the music education teachers in schools.