Faculty of Archeology: Opening an Educational Museum, Halls and Laboratories

Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University, accompanied by Prof. Atef Mansour, Dean of Faculty of Archeology, opened today, Tuesday 10/3/2020, a project to support and develop educational effectiveness in Faculty of Archeology, funded by the Projects Department at the Ministry of Higher Education, in presence of Prof. Mohamed Kamal, Vice-Dean of the Faculty For Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Ibrahim Sobhy, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, and a number of academic staff, aid staff, students at the college, and media professionals.
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid inaugurated the educational museum, which includes about 150 antiquities that include all the archaeological eras that passed through Egypt through the era of the families, the ancient state, the central state, the modern state and the Pharaonic state. The museum also includes a number of artifacts dating back to the Greco-Roman era, the Coptic era, the Islamic era and the modern. The aim of the establishment of the educational museum is to introduce students of the Faculty of Archeology to the most important artifacts in Pharaonic, Islamic, Greek and Coptic antiquities, modern museum displays and methods of preserving artifacts.
He also opened multi-media teaching halls equipped with modern audio-visual means, in addition to opening a laboratory for the restoration and maintenance of organic monuments, a laboratory for the restoration and maintenance of inorganic monuments and the electronic documentation unit of antiquities, and Dr. Ahmed Gaber Shedid praised on artistic and folklore paragraphs and drawing artistic paintings by a number of students of Al-Taqwa Elementary School.
On the sidelines of those openings, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid witnessed opening of the first training course for mummies' science and a ceremony to honor Dr. Gharib Sonbol, head of the Central Department of Antiquities Restoration. And during his speech, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid praised the efforts made Faculty of Archeology, headed by Prof. Atef Mansour, expressing his great happiness with the openings that the college witnessed today, which indicates activity and excellence. As well as he affirmed the university administration’s endeavor to raise the name of Fayoum University and put it in the ranks of advanced universities, and the best evidence for this is that Fayoum University progressed from No. 1250 to No. 300 in one of the classifications. The university also obtained from No. 19 to No. 12 in another classification, and this confirms that Fayoum University has staff and students who are able to challenge and compete.
At the end, University President honored Prof. Gharib Sonbol, presenting him the shield of Faculty of Archeology and honoring the participants in the first training course for mummies' science.