Fayoum University Establishes an Oncology Center

Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University, announced that it is out of an emphasis on the role of Fayoum University in serving the local and regional community and its constant eagerness to provide the best medical services within Fayoum Governorate, and to complement the strong medical system established by university hospitals, Fayoum University Council agreed with its meeting Today, Wednesday, April 22, 2020, to allocate a space of land that will be about 400 square meters, to establish an oncology treatment center affiliated to Fayoum University that contains radiotherapy and chemotherapy for tumors.
Prof. Yasser Hatata, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, stated that the proposed center contains two non-windowed rooms (a banker) for radiotherapy, chemotherapy places which are designed on the latest medical systems, an integrated diagnostic radiology department, in addition to a group of outpatient oncology clinics, as well as a pharmacy to serve the patients.
Moreover, Prof. Mohamed Safaa El-Din, General Director of University Hospitals, stated that a contract for a linear accelerator has been signed. Besides, the procedures for purchasing a simulated CT scan for accurate diagnosis and early diagnosis of tumors, as well as radiation measurement devices, in addition to the latest diagnostic devices for early detection of tumors are being completed.