The 13th Science Day Celebration

Fayoum University organized the 13th Science Day celebration December 2020 under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University, and under the supervision of Prof. Khaled Atallah, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, and in presence of the distinguished members of the University Council, the advisors of the University President, and the honored members from staff and students of the university, today, Monday, 28/12/2020.
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid stated that the celebration of Science Day is a university tradition that extends throughout history, which reflects the celebration and interest of the Egyptian state in its sons, scholars, researchers, people of knowledge, culture and enlightenment, explaining that the science day celebration at Fayoum University, December 2020, is an occasion to thank all the distinguished university members who have presented great efforts to raise the university and its progress.
He added that this year 1100 distinguished members of the faculty members, administratives, students, former administrative leaders and those who deceased from the university will be honored, indicating that this ceremony represents the sanctity and status of Fayoum University, which was established to be an ancient beacon of science and creativity, as it has become a glowing torch in the sky of our dear country. It is witnessing scientific and construction distinction, with deliberate and elaborate steps.
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid indicated that Fayoum University has obtained final approval to establish Faculty of Physical Therapy and is in the process of obtaining approval to establish three new colleges which are: fisheries sciences, Al-Alsun, Applied Arts and Design, in addition to opening many centers.
While Prof. Khaled Attallah said that this event is a celebration of the efforts of the honored, adding that honoring the families of the deceased represents a good humanitarian gesture from the university towards its members.
Prof. Arafa Sabry, Former Dean of Faculty of Sciences and a recipient of the University Appreciation Award, gave a speech on behalf of the honored gentlemen, in which he indicated that nations and societies rise, transcend and advance knowledge that refines souls and makes them more noble and balanced, and that the advancement of science contributed to the transformation of the economy into an economy Knowledge, which helped improve the material conditions of the countries of the world.
The celebration began with a parade of honored gentlemen in front of the Central Library, reaching the grand celebration hall.
The ceremony included honoring the former Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, former deans, former vice presidents, former administrative leaders, and deceased professors and administrative members from the university, as well as Fayoum University's appreciation awards in the practical sector, the University’s award for excellence in scientific research in the practical and literary sectors, and the university’s award for excellence in community service, in addition to the university’s award for excellence in scientific writing in the practical and literary sectors, the university’s award for excellence in translation in the practical sector, the university’s award for promotion to the rank of professor, and the university’s award for promotion to the rank of associate professor.
The honoring also included the best doctoral thesis and the best master's thesis, and the contributors to the emergence of the Fayoum University name in the Times Classification in Physics and Engineering Majors, and the contributors to the appearance of Fayoum University in Stanford University's list of 2020.
The deans of the accredited colleges at Fayoum University were also honored, the best general manager, the best employee and the best worker at the university, as well as the first students from all colleges who obtained bachelor’s degrees, the distinguished students in student activities at the level of Egyptian universities, and the distinguished students in different educational stages.