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First Issue (Jaunary 2008)
Impact of Some Prepared Foliar Fertilizers On Tomato Yield And Fruit Quality Mahmoud Abd El-Gawad, Ahmed Abd El-Aziz and Ehab El-Sayad
Effect Of Applying Boifertilizer In Combination With Some Organig OR Mineral Ones On Growth And Chemical Constituents Of Marjoram "Origanum Majorana L.,Plants Essam G. Somida, Sawsan, A. Saif El-Yazal and Dalia M. El-Sowfy
Effect Of Applied Organic Manure And Foliar Spray With Antioxidants On Growth, Yield And Chemical Constituents Of Caraway PlantMohamed Hessin Atwa1 and Akrm Ibrahim2
Effect of Differnt Soil textural Grades And Soaker Water Af Organic Manure On Vegetative Growth, Flowering And Chemical Constituents Of Marigold (Tagetes Patula l.,) Plants.Sawsan, A.Saif El-Yazal1 and Essam G. Somida2
Sex Determination Of Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera l.) Through Chemical Composition Of Leaves .Mohamed A. Seif El-Yazal
Physiologiacl Studies On Effect Of Foliar Application Of Some Micronutrients And Ascorbic Acid On Tuberose "Polianthes Tuberosa l.," Plantes Grown On a Saline Calcareous Soil. El-Yazal, M.A
Description Of the Different Stages In The Life Cycle Of The Date Palm Scale Insect, Parlatoria Blanchardi Targioni Tozzetti (Homoptera, Diaspididae) .Abdel Aleem , R.Y.
Biological Studies On The Mealybug Icerya Seychellarum (Westwood) (Homoptera, Margarodidae).abdel aleem, r.y.
Preliminary In Vitro Study On Antifungal Activity Of Some Local Lactobacilli And Lactic Streptococci Isolates.M. Elbadry
Characterization Of Bacterocin-Like Substances Produced By Two Local Lactobacillus Paracasei Subsp. Paracasei StrainsH. Gamal-Eldin, M. Elbadry, K. Atalla and Y.F. Abdelaliem
Influence Of heat Treatment On Formation Of Hydroxymethylfurfural And Hydrogen Peroxide As Heating Indicators Of Honey. Awad A. Mahmoud and Ayman A. Owayss
Effect Of Using Sweet Potato And Potato Flours On Physical, Chemical And Sensory Properties Of Sponge Cake Magda R.Abd El-baki
Possibility Of Composted Town Refuse Utilization In Combination With Mineral Nitrogen And Sulphur For Improving Nutrients Status in The Sandy Soil And Its Reflection On Sesame Yield And Seed QualityKhaled A. Shaban, Samia H. Ashmawy and Mona G. Abd El Kader
Phyto-Remediation And Chemical Method Of Cd-Contaminated Water-Culture Andcalcareous Soilmostafa a. nasef , amal f. abd el-hamide, samia h. ashmaye
Irrigation Water Management Of Wheat Crop Under Sowing Dates At Fayoum Yousef, K.M.R and Ashry, M.R.K
Adsorption Envelopes For Arsenic And Cadmium Versus Variable Ph Values On Soil, Goethite And Zerovalent Iron. Ali a. Abd el-haleem, mostafa h. El-sayed and sayed h. El-tohamy
Retreating Rate Estimation Of The Fertile Alluvial Soils In The Nile Delta Under The Urban Encroachment By Using Remote Sensing Data And Gis Technique. Afify A. Afify, Sayed M. Arafat, Nagwan M. Afify and Islam F. Ahmed
Effect Of Some Growth Promoters On Performance Of White And Brown Bovans LayersBahnas, M. S. and Khalifa, M. A.
Integrated Effect Of Varieties, Plant Density And Weed Control Treatments On Chemical Composition And Yield Of Soybean Grown In Newly Reclaimed Soil Ekram, A. Megawer and Mohamed A. Seif El-Ysazl
An Economic Study Importance Onaquaculture In Food Security.
Effect Of Chickens Embryos Injection On Nutritive Solutions And Early Feeding On Some Productive And Physiological Traits Adnan N . Al-Asadi and Duae Hassan El-Hosny
A Comparative Analytical Study Of The Current Optinuan And Situation Of Egyptian Cotton Exports Yehia Mohamed Ahmed
Effect Of Nitrogen Source And Quantity On Yield And Its Quality Of Spinach Saleh Al-Obeid
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