Faculty of Archaeology

Mr.Mohammed Nasser Ismail Abou Elkhier

Contact Information
Phone Number: 084 6300587                          
Fax Number: 084 6302350
E-mail Address: mni11@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Bulding Of Faculty Archaeology - Islamic Department
Post Address: Fayoum University - Faculty of Archaeology - Islamic Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.A.: Islamic Archaeology - Faculty of Archeology- Fayoum University- 2018
M.Sc.: Islamic Archaeology - Faculty of Archeology - Fayoum University- 2020
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 2019 To 2022.
Assistant Lecturer: From 2022 until now.
Islamic Gravestones in the Cemetery of Derbend City, in Dagestan Region, Southern Russia during the twelfth century AH/ Eighteenth century AD: “A Study of Form and Content”
Research Interests
Islamic Monuments.
Islamic Inscriptions.
Islamic Civilization in Central Asia.
Islamic arts &architecture in Europe.
Islamic arts in Caucasus .
Islamic arts& civilization in Southern Russia .
Scientific scholarships
Traveled On A Scientific Mission( Scholarship Grant) To The Union Of Southern Federal University In Russia In 2016 To Carry Out Archeological Excavations In The Cities Of (Rostov On Don - Azov – Tannic ), In The Precedent Of The First Of Its Kind In The History Of Egyptian Universities Under The Supervision Of Prof .Dr. Walid Ali Khalil
I’m a holder of an international degree from the institute of history and international relations , the union of southern federal university in russia , to participate in the excavation and restoration in the cities of (rostov on don - azov – tannic).
I’m a holder of certificate from azov museum in 2016 , for participating in excavation in azov city .
Visit several Russian archeological museums during the scientific visit, such as the azov museum of archeology and excavations as the largest regional geological museum - the museum of the city of tannic - the museum of Rostov-on-don.
Training courses
I’m a holder of the international computer driving license (ICDL) certificate accredited by the Egyptian ministry of communications in cooperation with ICDL Arabia - UNICCO.
Received a certificate from the( development of students assessment system project) , at the faculty of archeology (DSASP) in 2015.
I’m a holder of certificate of honor from helwan institute for leadership preparation , in symposium (19 ) within the delegations of the stuff members all over the Egyptian universities government in 2018\ 2019 .
I was selected to be the pioneer of group (20) , in helwan institute for leadership preparation during the cultural symposium for delegations of Egyptian universities in 2019.
I’m a Holder of a course in organizing scientific conferences - Center for Faculty and Leadership Development at Fayoum University (FLDC).
I’m a Holder of a course in the using of technology in teaching - Center for Development of Faculty and Leadership Capabilities at Fayoum University (FLDC).
I’m a Holder of a course question bank course and good selection specifications - Center for Capacity Development of Faculty Members and Leaders at Fayoum University (FLDC).
I’m a Holder of a Certificate of Proficiency in English (TOEFL) - Center for Languages and Translation at Fayoum University.
Scientific and academic activities missions
I’m a holder of the first honor degree at the faculty of archeology with an excellent grade with honors 1ST class honors (first installment) credit hours system.
Vice-head of the scientific section of the communication family of the faculty of archeology.
Participating in the supervision of the student union elections at faculty of archeology - Fayoum university for two consecutive years 2015-2016.
Received a certificate of honor from faculty of archeology to participate in the excavations in Russia in 2017, In the presence of the dean, the president of the university and the college agents for education, students, postgraduate studies, community service and environmental development .
Received a certificate of honor from university of Fayoum (eid al-alam-education party 11) in 2018 in the presence of the president of Fayoum university, vice-president of the university and governor of Fayoum and a number of deans of colleges.
I’m a holder of a certificate from the follow-up unit of graduates center in 2019.
I was selected to be a diplomatic extension in the ministry of foreign affairs – Egypt in 2019.
I was selected to get a scholarship from Egyptian Japanese University (E-JUST) in Alexandria, specialized in museum sciences in 2019.
Participation in organizing the Fifth Egyptian Girls' Week at Fayoum University, between 31-1 / 7-2 / 2020 at the level of Egyptian universities, under the auspices of the Minister of Youth, Sports, Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Minister of Environment and the Fayoum Governor.
Visit many cities, churches and archaeological castles in Russian federation to participate in the excavations carried out in 2016, according to the agreement of scientific and cultural cooperation between Fayoum University and the universities of Russian federation.
Participation in the excavations carried out by the Russian mission in the region of keman fares - Fayoum.
Member of the unit of development of student’s assessment system project at faculty of archeology (DSASP) 2016-2015.
Received a certificate from the ministry of antiquities to participate in the symposium on Islamic monuments entitled "the role of Islamic civilization in the development of scientific culture" in the area of alazhar in 2018.
Participation in the 21st Arab archaeologist’s conference held at Fayoum University 2018.
Participation in the leadership preparation camp at Fayoum University, under the slogan of Fayoum national from 13-17 September 2019.
Member of quality assurance unit – quality and development management standard at - faculty of archaeology Fayoum university , for holding accreditation – projects managements unit – ministry of higher education and scientific research .
Member of academic guidance unit – Islamic archaeology department – faculty of archaeology Fayoum University, for third-fourth years 2019-2020/ 2020-2021.
Supervision on scientific seminar (co-ordinator of Islamic Archaeology department – faculty of archaeology Fayoum University 2019-2020.
Member of the Complaints and Suggestions Committee, Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University, for the academic year 2019/2020.
Vice director of Unit anti Violence and Harassment anti Women, faculty of archaeology fayoum University 2019/2020.
Participation in a seminar entitled “Question banks”, in cooperation between the evaluation and development of students and exams unit at the Faculty of Archeology - Center for the evaluation of exams and students at the university 2019/2020.
Supervising a research paper entitled "Results of the archaeological excavations of the Egyptian-Russian mission in 2019", within the framework of activating the role of cultural and student cooperation horizons between the Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University, the Azov Institute of Archeology and Excavations, and the Institute of History and International Relations, University of Southern Russia.
Member of Fayoum University academic staff club.
I’m a holder of certificate of honor from Fayoum University, to participate in organizing the fifth week of Egyptian girls’ at Fayoum University, February 2020, as a responsible for the committee to receive and accompany delegations, dignitaries and visitors at the level of Egyptian universities .
General Coordinator of Scientific and Academic Activities at the Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University, responsible for the electronic hall equipped within the framework of the assignments of Mr. Prof. Dr., Dean of the College, with the tasks of assigning a project to support and develop educational effectiveness in the Faculty of Archeology, to obtain institutional and academic accreditation from the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research , Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit.
Assistant Coordinator for Quality assurance unit - Department of Islamic Archeology - Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University for the academic year 2020/2021.